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Feeling Tired All The Time

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Do you feel tired all the time (TATT)?

Tired all the time, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ME – these are just a few of the names commonly used to describe a state of extreme, continuous fatigue. The reality is that chronic fatigue is a very real issue that we are seeing more frequently in our patients, and it can affect anyone, anywhere in the world and at any age.

The good news? We can help uncover the root cause of the problem, educate you in managing it, and treat the root cause in many instances – so that you can get your mojo back.

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Chronic fatigue is a complex disorder that impacts all aspects of life

It usually creeps up on us, starting as an off day here and there. Before we know it, we start saying no to a night out or another session at the gym, we get extra sleep yet do not wake up refreshed. For many people, this is how it remains for years, often getting worse before they seek help.

Chronic fatigue symptoms

Aside from feeling tired all the time and exhausted, chronic fatigue can present alongside other symptoms including (but not limited to):

  • Aches and pains
  • Poor sleep
  • Being asleep for too long
  • Feeling too hot or feeling too cold
  • Severe menopause symptoms
  • Bad periods (if perimenopausal)
  • Libido issues
  • Weight gain or weight loss

Treatment for chronic fatigue

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When it comes to treatment for chronic fatigue, at Harpal Clinic we do what we can to help the body heal itself so it can do its job better. We take a comprehensive approach. Hormones, nutrition, immunity, absorption, sleep and more – it’s all connected. For effective management of TATT and any underlying conditions, it’s vitally important to address all these areas.

Depending on the underlying cause, we may use a combination of the following treatments:

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The Harpal way

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We don’t just take one approach to your health. We combine functional medicine with nutritional support, hormone therapy and biohacking treatments. We look at the whole body at the same time and treat any issues at a cellular level. Indeed mitochondrial issues can mean that the body’s cells struggle to get energy. We look at what causes the cells to become sluggish and how we can get them working properly again to help you regain your energy.

Our testing capabilities are endless, which allows us to really pinpoint any underlying issues. Depending on which consultation you opt for, we can look at everything from nutrition, hormones, the liver, blood picture, kidneys, to heavy metals, thyroid, environmental toxins and more. We will guide you as to the most relevant testing for your individual circumstances so that you get the most out of your consultation.

“I usually know when a patient is experiencing a state of chronic fatigue when they are more tired than they should be based on activity levels. What does it look like? Exercise is not invigorating any more, it just makes you feel more tired, achy and sore; and a night sat on the sofa feels incredibly seductive. The smallest thing can feel like a hurdle. All this often creeps up on patients and by the time they seek help, they’ve not only had it for a long time, but have other health issues. Most have already tried going to their GP and/or a nutritionist but haven’t seen enough, if any, improvement in their symptoms. But the great thing about our approach is that we combine hormone management with functional medicine, nutrition and other strategies to address the root cause. Being tired all the time is not something to ignore – it’s your body telling you something important. And there is something you can do about it. The sooner, the better.”

Dr Harpal Bains

Dr. Harpal Bains

Aaliyah, Harpal Clinic

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