Longevity Medicine

Longevity Medicine Lab Tests

Longevity Medicine Lab Tests
Personalise your longevity strategy

Longevity is a relatively new field in medicine and there are new tests emerging and evolving all the time. We evaluate your biomarkers using the latest, most up-to-date testing with the best clinical utility to completely personalise your longevity medicine strategy.

These initial tests give us a detailed look at your biological age, DNA, general health markers, inflammatory markers, detailed hormone health and cardiovascular health – including arterial age and much more.

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Longevity medicine lab tests

Without testing, it’s generalised advice

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Within a field that is as new as longevity medicine, generalised advice can not only be costly but also unnecessary. Advice needs to be tailored to the needs of the individual. Personalised testing is what determines many factors, and without it, it’s easy to spend money unnecessarily.

If you are prepared to invest your time, effort and money in your future health, why wouldn’t you want to get the most out of your investment? Lab tests, as well as physical tests, are the backbone of a personalised longevity strategy. These help us address your individual needs and determine the optimal combination of therapies, and the specifics within those recommendations, required to improve your health span.

“When it comes to your health, don’t rely on guesswork. We are extremely lucky to be living in a time where niche testing is accessible to the average person, and we have doctors trained in the interpretation of this data. This means that we can pick up on very early stage changes today that would normally be picked up only when bad enough to cause symptoms; and by that time, potentially not reversible in any significant way. Everybody has something they could be acting on today which will affect them positively for the rest of their life. Longevity medicine lab testing is the foundation for your future health.”

Dr Harpal Bains

Dr Harpal Bains

Our lab tests

Utilising longevity medicine in clinical practice is relatively new, and emerging data is being published regularly. At Harpal Clinic we balance a prioritisation of the most up-to-date testing methods with a requirement for substantial evidence of accuracy and efficacy. Our lab tests have been specifically chosen to allow us to assess your health on a deeper level, facilitating a treatment plan that will help safeguard your future health. Alongside our in-depth serum labs which assess all your system functions including a detailed hormone profile, we also do niche testing which gives a deeper understanding of your current health status. Some examples are listed below:

Lifecode Gx®

The leading name in professional genotype analysis, Lifecode Gx® allows us to look in detail at your DNA, and helps you to understand yourself better.

This technology provides information on the most relevant and actionable genetic variations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) – the effects of which have a great impact on many areas of your health including; hormones, metabolism, heart health and even your mental wellbeing.

We all have genetic predispositions, but your DNA is not your destiny! Identifying yours helps us understand which areas to focus on, and which areas require special attention.


Age is just a number! In fact, the age you celebrated at your last birthday may be completely different to your biological age, which represents how well your body is functioning in relation to your actual age.

For example, you may be 50 years old, but you have kept your body well-nourished and active for most of your life, which may mean that it is functioning like the body of someone who is 10 years younger.

GlycanAge provides a highly accurate and detailed report of your biological age via the analysing the glycans – essential biomolecules that have vital roles in an array of biological processes – attached to a certain antibody, which correlates with the function of your immune system and the level of inflammation in your body, both of which are biological age markers.

Cardiac blood test

People aged 65 and over are more likely to suffer a heart attack, experience a stroke and develop heart disease. Our detailed cardiac profile includes key markers such as Apolipoprotein A1, Apolipoprotein B, Apo A1:B ratio, Lipoprotein (a), and an omega analysis. We use this to help detect early stage cardiovascular changes as you age. These tests are paired with our specialised physical tests (i.e., VO2 MAX, arterial age, and more) to provide a comprehensive picture of your cardiometabolic health.

Food Inflammation Test (FIT 176)

Food sensitivities aren’t just a nuisance – they can cause deficiencies, gut issues, fatigue, insomnia, poor mental wellbeing and chronic low level inflammation. By using Food Inflammation Test (FIT 176), a multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity test, we can identify your sensitivities, eradicate subsequent inflammation and put an end to associated symptoms.

Gut barrier analysis

Your gut barrier plays a crucial role in your gut health and immune function. When this barrier is compromised, you’re at higher risk of illness from bacteria, other infectious agents, biotoxins and environmental toxins. By analysing the state of your gut barrier, we can understand more about how your gut may be compromising your immune system, and take steps to strengthen it.

The Harpal Way

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Whilst longevity testing is really important, we don’t just look at the numbers or test results in isolation. Here at Harpal Clinic, it’s our interpretation that really sets us apart from other longevity offerings. We not only interpret your test results but consider them in conjunction with your medical history, your family history, and what you’re currently going through in life right now to connect the dots and create a complete picture of your health. Our practitioners have worked in the field of functional medicine for many years, and understand the need to treat the body holistically and consider all body systems.

We have utilised longevity medicine tactics throughout our work, and were doing so long before the term was coined. With our high level of experience and knowledge, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best opportunity to maintain your health and wellbeing as you age.


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We offer three Longevity Medicine Membership tiers with varying levels of testing.

If you prefer less commitment or structure then you may prefer our Focussed and Comprehensive consultation types. These put you more in control of the longevity services that you would like to receive and timescales that suit your personal schedule.

Aaliyah, Harpal Clinic

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