Hormone Treatment for Thyroid Problems

Hormone Treatment for Thyroid Problems
At Harpal Clinic, we provide hormone treatment for thyroid problems.

We provide a thorough analysis and bespoke treatment plan to rebalance your thyroid function and improve your wellbeing. We deep dive into your health to identify thyroid dysregulation with our integrative approach. Any dysregulation is then addressed with integrative thyroid management – a multifaceted heath strategy tailored to you.

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Autoimmune conditions – when your body attacks itself

Who can we help?

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We are able to help you if:

  • You are experiencing symptoms of a thyroid disorder
  • You feel like you’ve hit the ceiling with your GP
  • Your symptoms are not alleviated despite maximum or high doses of T4
  • You have autoimmune thyroiditis
  • You have a family history of thyroid disorders
  • Your body has issues converting T4 to the active T3
  • You have other compounding issues like weight gain, menstrual issues, menopause, other autoimmune diseases, are tired all the time, depression, and high-stress lifestyle.

How is our integrative approach different to traditional thyroid management?

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  • Our testing is incredibly detailed, taking into account other hormonal parameters that could also cause thyroid-like symptoms. It can include autoimmune as well as genetic testing – as we look at your genetic ability to convert T4 to active T3
  • We assess potential nutritional deficiencies
  • We assess for immune dysfunction, which can include autoimmune diseases where clinically indicated
  • We assess the impact of stress, toxins and other lifestyle factors on thyroid function
  • We will always look to optimise your thyroid function and not merely normalise it based on labs alone – in our experience, ‘normal’ is not always ‘optimal’
  • Our signature patient aftercare support is crucial in the initial phase of thyroid management, or for any of our therapies that use a bespoke health strategy. Many of our Patient Care Team have a clinical or healthcare background in either nursing, health coaching, nutritional therapy and physiotherapy

Symptoms of thyroid problems – how do you know if something is wrong with your thyroid?

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Thyroid hormones are needed for energy production but most importantly metabolism. They also play an essential role in balancing the other hormones our body produces. This means that its dysregulation can impact almost every system in the body!

People suffering from thyroid problems may notice the following symptoms:

  • Tired all the time (TATT)
  • Sluggishness
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Depression
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Thinning and/or brittle hair and nails
  • Weight gain
  • Low libido
  • Feel cold all the time

Bloods tests for thyroid problems

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We don’t just consider your thyroid, but look at how your body is functioning as a whole.

Our blood profiles are very comprehensive and give a good overview of how all your hormonal systems are working.

At your initial consultation we would look to complete a detailed hormone panel looking at thyroid hormones, sex hormones, precursor hormones and other related parameters.

Thereafter, depending on your individual issues, we can look to target the testing more specifically using the following panels:

  • Basic thyroid panel (FT3, FT4, TSH)
  • Advanced thyroid panel (basic thyroid panel + T4 + thyroid antibodies)
  • Comprehensive thyroid panel (advanced thyroid panel + reverse T3)
  • Complete thyroid assessment with genetic testing (comprehensive thyroid panel + DIO2 – Deiodinase 2 genetic test)
  • DIO2 genetic test for those in whom we suspect will require T3 management
You can have your blood sample drawn at our clinic in Central London, or at one of many Superdrug locations across the UK. Call our admin team on 020 7096 5475 to arrange your blood tests at a place near you.

Hormone treatment for thyroid problems – the Harpal way

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Our health strategies for long term thyroid health can include a combination of the following:

Bioidentical thyroid hormones: Our bioidentical hormones can be either generic or compounded bespoke for each patient by specialist pharmacies. These are often derived from natural sources and are molecularly the same structure as your body’s own. These can be used temporarily or long term, depending on your personal situation. We use your blood test results to tailor the dose(s) specifically to your exact requirements.

Disruption to the production of other hormones can have a significant impact on thyroid function. For example, thyroid dysregulation can be closely related to issues postpartum, as oestrogen and progesterone tend to become imbalanced. Thyroid issues can also be heavily associated with low testosterone – in fact, low testosterone can often mask a thyroid issue, and vice versa! This is also addressed during your consultation and managed with bioidentical hormones or supplements.

Supplementation + diet: Our digestive system is a cornerstone for our overall health. Your consultation will include a detailed discussion regarding potential nutrient depletions. We look to replenish vital nutrients that the thyroid gland needs in order to function. Without these, thyroid processes will be disrupted, leading to thyroid dysfunction.

Lifestyle: We consider toxin or radiation exposure, as well as life-stressor implications on health, alongside considering viral or bacterial infections that may have been key triggers in thyroid dysregulation. Our doctors are specialists at identifying the need for viral testing and detoxification. This is important as specific infections can have a negative impact on your body many years later. If you are interested in wider testing we can advise you on the next steps.

Targeted immunomodulation: This is particularly directed at those with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Grave’s disease (autoimmunity). We utilise immunomodulators such as Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Micro-Immunotherapy (MIT) as part of a holistic approach to thyroid management. Autoimmunity can be caused by various factors, which is why we would not only look to correct an inadequate immune response, but also work on the initial cause of your autoimmunity.


We have structured our options and pricing to reflect our core values of simplicity and transparency.

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