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Glutathione IV Drip

Glutathione IV
We provide high-quality glutathione IV drips + pushes in London at our health optimisation clinic.

Most patients who come to our clinic for glutathione IV therapy are striving for brighter, younger, healthier-looking skin or for its powerful detoxifying capacity. However, this hard-working nutrient has many more benefits for your health, including reducing cellular damage and scavenging free radicals from the body.

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An introduction to glutathione

Glutathione benefits (for the skin)

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Glutathione has many benefits for the skin including:

  • Skin brightening and nourishing – it helps you achieve a healthy glow
  • Improves the appearance of the skin (including complexion, dark spots, freckles, uneven skin tone, blemishes, liver spots, and signs of ageing)
  • Capable of reversing the dark melanin pigments in the skin (hyperpigmentation)
  • Evens out melasma
  • Improves pigmentation from sun-damaged skin.
  • Improves discolouration across the entire body
  • Improves collagen and elastin production

Glutathione benefits (for the body)

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Some of the many benefits glutathione provides for the body include:

  • Helps maintain a robust immune response
  • Can be anti-inflammatory
  • May improve and strengthen gut lining
  • Breaks down free radicals which are created during exposure to hot and cold environmental temperatures, toxicity, and UV light from the sun. Additional sources of free radicals include exhaust fumes and pollutants for those in the City, and recirculated air for those who travel a lot by trains or planes
  • Supports cell regeneration including tissue building, cell growth, and wound healing
  • Supports detoxification of heavy metals
  • Prevents oxidative cell damage
  • Helps to reduce cell damage in the liver and helps counter the toxic effects of many drugs, malnutrition, and diseases (chronic or acute)
  • Improves post exercise muscle fatigue (this is popular with athletes!)
  • May support a reduction in insulin resistance.
  • May help to support healthy weight management

What is glutathione + do I need it?

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Glutathione is a combination of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is known as the ‘master antioxidant’ – and for good reason! Naturally occurring in the liver, it is the body’s natural ‘detoxifier’ which works to clear toxins from the body. Glutathione is required by almost all body functions and is found in most cells in the body.

Glutathione production unfortunately decreases with age. This is one reason why age spots are common as we grow older. This decline in production worsens with a high stress lifestyle, poor eating habits or poor quality food, excessive toxins like smoking, alcohol or environmental pollutants and poor sleep amongst other reasons.

When you don’t have enough in your body, it suffers from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Many chronic health conditions are associated with low glutathione levels, including autoimmune diseases and heart disease.

IV or push?

Glutathione can be administered either as a drip or a push. But what’s the difference? A glutathione drip and push are just different ways of delivering the nutrients to your cells. Glutathione isn’t easily absorbed from food sources; both IV drips and pushes bypass the gut (which is where many of the nutrients are lost when taken orally) and are delivered straight into your bloodstream to be used directly by your cells.

IV Push

(nutrients delivered via a syringe)

  • A push is not diluted as much which means it takes just 20 minutes.
  • Our IV clinician will use a butterfly needle and syringe to slowly ‘push’ the glutathione through the vein.
  • Better value than a drip if you don’t want additional vitamins and nutrients added.


IV Drip

(nutrients delivered via a drip)

  • A drip is more diluted (saline) and takes around 45 minutes which means you can take the time to relax more during your treatment.
  • With a drip you can choose to add additional nutrients.
  • You can opt for a higher dose of vitamin C as it will be more diluted and less caustic.

The Harpal way. What can I expect?

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As a doctor-led clinic, each member of our vitamin team has worked closely with our doctors for many years to understand optimal dosing and frequency, as well as complementary nutrients, allowing us to tailor your IV vitamin therapy to your body’s exact requirements. We source the very best quality vitamins and nutrients from Europe, and mix our formulas fresh. Glutathione is one of our most popular nutrients thanks to its many benefits. It is highly bioavailable at a lower doses and is always delivered with vitamin C as this increases absorption, irrespective of whether you opt for an IV push or an IV drip.

An initial full consultation with our IV clinician is included in the cost of your appointment and will happen upon arrival at the clinic. We do this to not only make sure you are medically fit and well, but also to help us understand your requirements and ensure the treatment is best suited to your body’s needs. 

Our clinicians see many people for glutathione treatment, and so their expertise within this area is second to none. Your consultation is a great time to go over specific dosing  – an important part of the process, as dosing is key – and receive your bespoke glutathione plan that adheres both to your budget and your goals. If you are deemed suitable, you’ll begin treatment straight away. The procedure itself is carried out by our IV practitioner. 

Do you have an important event, such as a wedding, coming up? We can work with you to help you feel your best in preparation! Just let us know at your consultation and we can work this into your treatment plan.


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Your first appointment includes a consultation, 600mg of Glutathione + 1500mg vitamin C push at the single treatment appointment price (£110) which must be paid in advance.  If you prefer this as a drip, there is an additional £65 surcharge per drip. After the first appointment, you can choose from one of our courses below if you wish to continue and/or increase your dose.

We take the full cost of the service at the time of booking to secure the appointment.

Glutathione Push (600mg) + vitamin C – single treatment


Glutathione 1200mg + vitamin C – single treatment


Glutathione 1800mg + vitamin C – single treatment


Glutathione 2400mg + vitamin C – single treatment


Glutathione 3000mg + vitamin C – single treatment


Glutathione 600mg + vitamin C – course of 6

(save £37.50)


Glutathione 1200mg + vitamin C – course of 6

(save £75)


Glutathione 1800mg + vitamin C – course of 6

(save £90)


Glutathione 2400mg + vitamin C – course of 6

(save £120)


Glutathione 3000mg + vitamin C – course of 6

(save £135)


  • We include 1500mg Vitamin C in all of our Glutathione pushes

  • We do have nutrient blood testing facilities available and will advise you about this during your consultation.

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