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We help people take control of their lives, bodies + health

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At Harpal Clinic, we combine functional medicine with hormone therapy, stress and lifestyle management to offer patients a unique, whole-body, full health approach. The testing we offer is second to none and is tailored to your needs – using blood, urine, saliva or stool to measure anything from hormone levels, gut microbiome, stress levels (adrenal function), toxicology, intolerances, and even DNA analysis. We are also able to organise niche, highly specialised testing panels such as those used for chronic infections, lymphocytic typing or dementia. We endeavor to uncover the root of the problem. Our tailored health optimisation programmes combine cutting-edge treatments with preventative functional medicine to uncover and treat the real cause of your symptoms.

Harpal Clinic doctors have a wealth of experience and frequently, we’re the place patients come to when other attempts have fallen short or they have hit a plateau in their recovery. Everything we do is driven by research, evidence and results. We’ll help you manage chronic conditions, slow the ageing process and live well. Whether you’re struggling and want to get better, or you’re already well and looking to achieve peak health, our unique methodology can help you get there.

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About our 'secret weapon' – our Patient Care Team

Aaliyah, Harpal Clinic

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