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Melatonin is the hormone that controls your circadian rhythm (your ability to distinguish day from night).

It is commonly known as the ‘jet-lag’ pill and is available over the counter in many countries but is a prescription medicine in the United Kingdom. It decreases throughout life with increasing age and it is thought by some scientists to be the master orchestrator of all hormones and believed to the ultimate ageing hormone when its levels decrease. It is thought to indirectly control all body systems.

Melatonin will improve your sleep quality when taken daily amongst a whole host of other benefits, such as improved infertility, easier adaptability to shift/night work, enhanced immunity and well being.

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Lesser known hormones – melatonin, pregnenolone, DHEA + more

DHEA + others explained

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Other hormones within the hormonal cascade, include pregnenolone (the brain hormone), DHEA (the happy hormone), growth hormone (the repair and regeneration hormone) and HCG (the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone), amongst others. All hormones decrease with age contributing to the ageing process. These hormones all work in conjunction with one another as part of the orchestra and have many wonderful functions. Replacing the depleted levels of these hormones will aid towards the anti-ageing process in many different ways, for example, most notably, slowing down dementia and improving one’s sense of well-being, with many benefits and functions yet to be discovered.

These hormones are precursors to hormones lower down in the chain, for example, testosterone, the replacement of which, is noticeably felt. Replacement of these hormones confers long term benefits with usually little immediate effects.

What would my journey look like?

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Your journey at Harpal Clinic

Your exact journey will depend on what you have come in with; what your pre-consultation questionnaire tells us; and time.

We offer 2 types of consultation – a very detailed comprehensive consultation and a more focussed approach which is less detailed. Information about both these consultations can be found here. We are happy to talk you through the best option for you depending on your needs and budget.

We are a small team and we take pride in being able to offer a very personalised service to our patients and clients.

You can have your blood sample drawn at our clinic in Central London, or at one of many Superdrug locations across the UK. Call our admin team on 020 7096 5475 to arrange your blood tests at a place near you.
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