Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels at Harpal Clinic
Want to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin + encourage more vibrant, youthful future skin growth?

Chemical peels can help.

Our aesthetic experts use the finest AHA glycolic peel formulations at our London clinic to provide an advanced exfoliation treatment tailored to your needs with incredible results. Our chemical peels can:

  • Smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Even out skin pigmentation
  • Enhance cell turnover, encouraging more youthful future skin!
  • Reduce age spots
  • Increase your collagen synthesis and other natural skin-plumping goodies
  • Shrink visible pores
  • Help to clear acne-prone skin
  • Reduce mild scarring

Do something today that your future skin will thank you for.

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Dr Harpal Bains on chemical peels

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Dr Bains says: “Peels are much safer than laser resurfacing. For those of you plagued by visions of scary red, peeling faces, this is not what you will experience. Most people will have radiant skin on the day itself, and there will be very mild peeling over the next few days, most notable if you are ‘fiddling’ with your face. Usually, people can’t even tell with our gentlest peel.

“Once you understand how a peel works, you find that a few peels a year will greatly contribute to your skin health.”

What is a chemical peel?

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Did you know that we humans are constantly shedding skin? It is estimated we shed our entire outer layer of skin every 2-4 weeks. So why get a chemical peel?

The chemical peel is a radiance-boosting treatment that has often been misunderstood. To clear things up, a chemical peel is a form of rapid exfoliation. Chemical peels help get rid of dead skin cells, encouraging skin cell turnover by removing the top layer of skin to unveil a smoother, more radiant complexion. Here at Harpal Clinic, we apply a plant-based solution to your skin, which helps to safely stimulate the skin-shedding process that your body does all the time naturally.

A chemical peel can also encourage your body’s collagen production and other natural goodies to smooth and even out your complexion. At Harpal Clinic, we use the finest quality glycolic acid peel from the sugar cane plant. With its small particles, a glycolic peel penetrates the skin easily, helping to disperse your melanin more evenly and delivering a radiant glow. We also occasionally combine it with other acids, such as citric acid, depending on the issue we address. This will be decided on the day by your therapist.

Do I need a chemical peel?

If you want to look healthier and more youthful by enhancing your general complexion, a chemical peel can help. Looking youthful means more than smoothing out wrinkles and plumping sagging skin – it’s about that natural glow. Chemical peels can work on different issues to other aesthetic treatments such as fillers and Botox (which are not used for skin tone, age spots, acne and general radiance). The beauty of chemical peels is that they can help with all these issues while also helping to smooth wrinkles and improve the texture and elasticity of the skin. There is even a peel range available for those who have sensitive skin and rosacea. Their versatility makes chemical peels an invaluable tool for your beauty arsenal.

"This is one of those treatments that never appealed to me until I had my first peel. Needless to say, I'm now addicted and can't wait to peel any patch of skin in sight and even use it on my hands and feet! I sometimes find that a patient’s skin needs a little push towards true radiance. This is where the peel comes in."

Dr Harpal Bains

Dr. Harpal Bains

The Harpal way

Here at Harpal Clinic, the key to our approach is considering your face as a whole and all layers of your skin.

Your skin has three layers: the epidermis (top layer, visible), the dermis (‘deep skin’), and below those, the hypodermis, where much of your collagen and elastin sit. Attention to all layers is crucial for maintaining a youthful look, and different aesthetic treatments work on different layers. For example, our chemical peels work on the epidermis (top), medical facials address the dermis (mid-layer). For the hypodermis (the ‘scaffolding’ where the plumping happens), there are treatments such as microneedling, radio frequency and more.

A youthful, healthy complexion requires addressing all three skin layers in targeted ways in the long term. So whilst we are happy to see you as a one-off, we prefer to work with you on an ongoing, collaborative basis. Tell us about your skin concerns, your goals and your beauty budget, and we will recommend the right combination of treatments for you as an individual – for a more radiant, confident self.


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What does a chemical peel involve?
To get the best results from your chemical peel, we advise you to prep your skin with special plant-based skincare products for at least two weeks before your treatment (our experts will advise you). Following your chemical peel, you’ll use these same products for aftercare. During treatment, the aesthetician will cleanse your face in preparation for the peel. The glycolic solution is then applied and removed within a few minutes. A healing and soothing serum is then applied to the skin.

How long does a chemical peel procedure take?
30-45 minutes, including consultation.

Are chemical peels safe?
Chemical peels are a very safe procedure when performed by experienced professionals, with a very low risk of side effects. Here at Harpal Clinic, we always conduct a full consultation beforehand to make sure we tailor the peel for your skin type and goals.

Is there anyone who should avoid chemical peels?
We don’t recommend skin peels for anyone who is pregnant or nursing or who has inflamed acne or sunburn.

Is a chemical peel painful?
Most mild peels will make your skin tingle. We always start with a mild peel. Depending on the strength of the peel, the feeling can vary from itchy and tingly to a prickly burning sensation. The peel itself lasts only five minutes.

What happens straight after treatment?
For most mild peels, your skin appears clearer and tighter but may be slightly flushed. Most people will be able to continue with their day as normal. Within 2-3 days, you may notice a light peeling. Usually not too noticeable under make-up, this peeling can last up to 2-3 days, depending on the strength of the peel.

When will I see the results?
Straightaway and results will be most noticeable after a week.

Do I need to keep having chemical peels?
For best results, we recommend regular peels every 6-8 weeks.

What are the long-term benefits and results of chemical peels?
A chemical peel decreases lines and wrinkles, reduces open pores appearance and improves the skin’s texture, radiance, and luminosity. It also improves acne, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.

What chemical peels do we use?
At Harpal Clinic, we go to great lengths to select the finest aesthetic ingredients for our clients. The peel solution we use is Neostrata. We chose this brand because it is known to be one of the best peels in the market. The creators are the original patent holders of the first glycolic peel. They have continued to pioneer advancement and innovations in this field, with clinical studies published in every major peer-reviewed medical journal of dermatology.


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Illuminating glycolic peel (for the face) 30 mins

This is a light to medium peel; 2 weeks of prep is required. Cost includes peel prep product.


Peels package


  • 3 x Neostrata chemical peels (minimum 4 weeks apart)
  • 1 x Neostrata pre-peel sample product for your skin type from a selection
  • 1 x Neostrata post-peel sample product for your skin type from a selection

(Approximate value £400)


Aaliyah, Harpal Clinic

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