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CQ10 Enzyme – Another Antioxidant?! What Are The Benefits Of CQ10?

CQ10 Enzyme – Another Antioxidant?! What Are The Benefits Of CQ10?

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When patients ask the benefits of Coenzyme Q 10 also known as Ubiquinone, it is easier to explain the lexical meaning, however, a brief explanation on the deficiency causes and the reasons for supplementing it when or if needed is just as important.

The causes of deficiencies are suggested to be genetic, lack of nutritional content, oxidative stress caused by free radicals and ageing.

Benefits Of CQ10

It is a powerful antioxidant, which regenerates Vitamin E, another critical antioxidant.
Hunts the bad free radicals and prevents cell damage to proteins, fats and other molecules.

Essential for the proper functioning of the energy production in the cells.
Whilst I have mentioned only the 3 benefits above, we know it that it has been proposed for use in patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Mitochondrial Diabetes, treatment of hypertension and statin- related myopathy.

Why CQ10 Now?

Ubiquinone has always existed and important for the proper functioning of enzymes in our body. It’s name describes best its availability within us. It is ubiquitous, meaning it is found everywhere. I guess when science publishes consistent interesting findings of wellbeing to mankind; a social media trend tends to follow, maybe the same thing with CQ10.

If It’s Everywhere, Then Do We Need It?

Yes, we need it. Like everything else in our diet, there should be a recommended daily allowance that we should take, which hasn’t not yet been established for CQ10. However, we do know that doses ranging from 50mg – 1200mg have been used safely in adult studies. The higher doses being suggested for ill patients, from neurological disorders to cardiac disease statin users. And the lesser for the general wellbeing. It would be wise to discuss taking this supplement with your practitioner.

From my own personal opinion which is evidence based and users’ feedback, CQ10 is thought to be generally safe, with no adverse side effects reported when appropriately taken.

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