Medical Team

Dr Harpal Bains MBBS DFSRH PGCAestMed (Dist)

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Dr Harpal Bains has had a varied and interesting career in medicine, starting with surgery whilst in the NHS and then moving on to private medicine for over 15 years.

It all started with wanting to try something different. She was the company doctor with AKE limited, a hostile region training facility formed by former SAS elites. She trained journalists in medical survival in hostile regions. 

This led her to London where she worked as a surgeon for Marie Stopes International. During this time, she pursued her postgraduate diploma in Sexual and Reproductive medicine which eventually led to working in a male sexual dysfunction clinic in Harley street. Her work in sexual dysfunction led her to testosterone and eventually the whole spectrum of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and functional medicine. She trained in the USA under Neal Rouzier, who is one of the foremost experts in the world in BHRT. Alongside this, she has developed her own protocol incorporating her in-depth experience to create a thorough programme to address her patients' needs and well being.

Throughout this time, she also pursued her interest in aesthetic medicine and has come up with her own protocol utilising top-notch medi skincare and treatments, botox/fillers where relevant and nutrition or hormones where indicated to give long term natural and age relevant results.

She is a die-hard fashionista and owns an embarrassing number of clothes and shoes. She even has her own fashion blog for professionals who love colour and vintage. She loves a party and can dance for hours into the night....the kind of guest that would get your party going with lots of laughs!

Interesting Fact: she still counts in Mandarin – the language she was first taught mathematics for 6 years as a child. She also holds a black belt in Tae-kwon Do. She is still the reigning champion of a wrestling match that took place between her and her brother Baldeep during their teens.

Dr Baldeep Bains - MBChB MRCS MRCGP DAvMed DOccMed


Dr Baldeep Bains qualified from Dundee Medical School in 1999. While in medical school, he joined The Armed Forces as a military cadet and later a naval doctor for 16 years. Upon completion of officer’s training he conducted a variety of land and sea deployments in both conflict and non-conflict zones.  Thereafter he trained 4 years as an orthopaedic surgeon in Birmingham attaining his membership of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.

Dr Baldeep later decided to expand his repertoire and retrain as a military GP in order to explore his interest in sport & rehabilitation medicine, occupational & stress medicine alongside aviation medicine. He left the military in 2015 and since then, has been working as a private and NHS GP. Passionate about health optimisation, he decided to join his sister Harpal and specialise in a field that gives him more control and better, more sustainable patient outcomes and hence job satisfaction. 

Interesting Fact: while docked in South Africa with the Royal Navy, Baldeep went cage diving with great white sharks. He also negotiated the rescue of three Indonesian fishermen in the Straits of Malacca for safe transit onboard a Thai vessel. He loves an exercise challenge whatever it may be....feel free to challenge him!

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Admin Team

Gary Read - Head of Medical & Operations

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Gary started out at the clinic as a researcher but has since proved invaluable in working towards redefining the direction of the clinic. This is due to his high level of attention to detail and ability in seeing patterns where others can't. Possibly as a result of his years working in Foreign Exchange in the City of London.

This is a far cry from his Ancient History days at University of Liverpool, which has nevertheless proven highly entertaining whenever he attempts to educate the rest of us on the subject of his passion.

These days, he oversees the medical department to ensure that processes are streamlined and things get done in the right way.

Interesting Fact: Gary owns a mobile library in Liverpool, and has a pet squirrel named Cyril. He is also King of Trivia with HQ as his current favourite app - he's the guy you want on your team at a pub quiz night.

Alison Connolly - Head of Beauty & Practice Manager


Alison is still keeping us in the dark about herself. Watch this space to find out more soon.

Interesting Fact: coming soon….

Aliyah Ahmed - Admin, Patient Coordinator & Health Coach


Aliyah is our do-it-all back of house person and a trainee Health Coach. She joined the team in 2017 and quickly became a hit with all our clients thanks to her upbeat spirit. She's super efficient, a great communicator and understands the type of medicine that we do. 

She demonstrated a natural propensity for being the missing link between our doctors and patients, and as such, we decided that she would be the official 'go-between' person - answering questions in a manner that laypeople can understand and removing 'doctor-speak'. Hence improving our patients' experience overall.

Interesting Fact: Aliyah was a member of the Metropolitan Police Cadets and was titled the Deputy Head Cadet and leader of the drill squad. She also does a mean dance routine if you catch her on a night out.

Lara Martiniani - Front of House


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Beauty Team

Viola Filipek NVQ 4 - Skin & Beauty Specialist


Viola has over a decade of experience in advanced face and body rejuvenation making her an expert on the creme de la creme of beauty treatments. She takes great pride in her work, always strives to give her clients the very best experience and can sometimes come across as 'teacher like'- not a bad thing since its your skin she's being strict about.

A certified perfectionist, Viola pays great attention to the small details, rest assured your eyebrows will always look like identical twins not cousins!
We call Viola 'The Oracle of Skin Knowledge' at the clinic because she understands the science behind good skin and more importantly - how to achieve it. 

Interesting fact: Viola has two loves - the great outdoors and all things vintage. A keen botanist, she talks to the roses in her garden to help them grow better (and to herself at the clinic although she vehemently denies it!).

Nirupa - Orders & Finance


Nirupa is in charge of all our orders within the clinic. She has a keen eye for detail and ensures that all orders and financial matters are dealt with precision and efficiency. 

She used to be a lecturer at university on the subject of civil services for many years before she took a career break to concentrate on raising a family. This is her first job after her break and we hope that she will grow our department with her knowledge, level-headedness and background.

Interesting fact: Nirupa makes a mean curry and we hope that by putting that down here, she'll be guilted into bringing in more treats for the rest of the team.



Deanna Jenkins - Facialist 


Deanna began her aesthetic journey over a decade ago (we know - she doesn't look old enough). She worked in Knightsbridge for many years incorporating her treatments and learning alongside several renowned aesthetic Doctors, she is very knowledgeable and experienced in providing skin solutions on a wide variety of clientele.

She joined us as we were looking for a super facialist and someone who could lead the direction for beauty and aesthetics. Deanna wanted a new challenge and is also keen to carve a name for herself as the go-to Facialist in the City of London. Alongside Dr Bains' philosophy of health on the outside begins from within, she hopes to be able to carve a niche for her specific brand of aesthetic knowledge which will ultimately benefit her clients.

Interesting Fact: Deanna was a County Champion in Netball and Hurdles. She loves animals and can't stop attending Beyonce's concerts where we can only imagine her dance moves.

Sabrina Fabbo - Wax Extraordinaire


Sabrina has been waxing for over a decade now and that's all the girl wants to do. As such, she is a hit with our clients and we have now coined her "Speedy Sabrina". Known for her cheerful persona, Sabrina is both extremely attentive and accurate. She is one of the more energetic people we've met and has no qualms bouncing up and down the stairs at the clinic all day. 

Interesting Fact: Sabrina's learning how to drive!