PRP, Mesotherapy and Microneedling - My experience during and after 4 months

PRP, Mesotherapy and Microneedling- what’s the fuss all about?

PRP, Mesotherapy and Microneedling- what’s the fuss all about?

August 2018

I’m a little lazy with skincare and if its invasive…. Well, you can assume that its going to be hard to pin me down. We have however, recently introduced a new machine to the practice, our wonderful meso gun U225. Our therapists needed practice and we needed guinea pigs ie my face, neck and tummy.

What is the difference between mesotherapy, microneedling and PRP?

  • Mesotherapy is multiple tiny, non-deep injections into the skin (any part of the body) of ingredients that can trigger the body’s own healing response. These ingredients can be amino acids, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, blood (or plasma), plant extracts etc

  • Microneedling is multiple tiny, non-deep injections into the skin but no products are injected into the skin, unlike mesotherapy. Instead, products are applied by hand and infiltrates into the tiny micro channels that are created; thus penetrating deep into the skin but probably not as targeted as mesotherapy

  • PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and is the white part of the blood (after centrifuging or spinning it) with highly concentrated platelet protein which is highly regenerating and is thought to trigger a healing response in the skin. PRP uses the technique of mesotherapy to deliver the plasma

Why did I invest in this particular gun?

  • Its one of the best on the market. Powerful and highly effective in delivery

  • Its way, way less painful than freehand meso (a loaded syringe delivered by the doctor) and can usually be done without anaesthesia

  • We have more and more people coming in for hair loss, wanting meso or PRP (plasma rich platelet) for hair regrowth. Freehand meso is very painful on the scalp

  • My therapists can do it. I seem to have less and less time available for freehand meso

  • It gives consistent delivery in terms of quantity of product injected

  • Depth of product injected is controlled better than freehand meso

The process

  • Deanna, my therapist, cleansed my skin; and started using the loaded gun on my face- without topical anaesthetic or painkillers!

  • The pain was quite minimal. I did feel it but felt quite relaxed about the whole procedure

  • A little blood was drawn but again, fairly minimal

  • Painful areas were around the nose and mouth- but still easily bearable

  • I wanted her to do my eyelids so we covered the eyebrows and went upto the first eyelid crease. Settings were changed for this so that the right depth was achieved for the thin skin of the eyelid

  • The procedure took around 40 mins; around 30 mins for the meso itself and then she applied a serum that penetrated the tiny holes that were created. I liked the thought of this- having both the goodies from my own blood plus active factors from a serum to give me a double whammy effect for my skin

  • I looked a little red after the procedure but went on with my day seeing other patients as normal. I didn’t bother with covering up the redness as it was minimal, although I could have used oxygenetix aloe vera-based foundation that we normally recommend post any invasive procedure

December 2018

Today is Boxing Day and time for me to review this procedure which was done in August; so 4 months later. In all honesty, I have forgotten that I had this procedure done and stumbled upon this whilst getting ready to write a hormone blog post.

I’ve just had the busiest few months of my life. Working almost everyday including weekends and most evenings as well after putting my children to bed. I haven’t had the luxury of time to do any facials or any procedures; despite simply having to go to a different room within my practice. My skincare routine is still fairly basic. I’m diligent about cleaning my face in the evenings and about applying a range of facial products that I rate highly. I dream of having a radio-frequency skin tightening treatment - a treatment that brings about so many benefits that if I only had an hour, that would be my treatment of choice.

I started this blog in August as I didn’t want to forget the experience. These are my thoughts today:

  • My skin looks very good despite the high stress and lack of sleep I’ve recently been through (over past 3 months)

  • I have no breakouts. My skin looks clear and healthy

  • My skin on the whole has a good texture

  • My skin has an even tone and even my eye bags are not that bad

All I can say is that it finally makes sense. I couldn’t really understand why my skin looked this good; or at least way better than I had expected. I’m used to it playing up the moment stress mounted. This is completely normal for most people. I don’t normally use foundation or concealer and this hasn’t changed. What everyone sees is literally my own skin; besides lipstick and a bit of eye makeup. On the last day of work, I also had the pleasure of bumping into an old client of mine that we did 2 rounds of PRP on freehand. I must say I was amazed at how different his skin looked. He had very bad pitted acne scarring with a highly uneven texture. That had now smoothed over quite a fair bit. There is still some ways to go but he really hasn’t done much else eg peels, microneedling radiofrequency and more sessions of PRP. But he was really happy with the improvements.

Final words? I’m sold. Maybe now, instead of radiofrequency, I will add PRP for overall rejuvenation including for hair regrowth- a huge area within the PRP world. This fits in extremely well with the ethos of our clinic and my personal believe - a better, more rested version of you. Nothing artificial about it!

** PRP is also known by different names e.g. Dracula Facial, Vampire Facial or Facelift. We prefer to call it PRP

PRP Therapy - not just a fad facial

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.35.47.png

PRP has a long history within the medical field, it was first introduced in the 1970's for sports medicine, orthopaedics and dermatology to heal muscle, tissue and skin damage and more recently, it has been reported that Rafa Nadal used PRP to repair his knee injury. It has since been used by some of the worlds most beautiful people, to stop age in its tracks. However, it was thrust into the spotlight by non other than Kim Kardashian when she took her famous selfie lying on a bed, face covered in blood (we'll get to this part later) and there has been a buzz around this intriguing facial ever since. Kardashian, along with Rupert Everette and Bar Rafaeli are all reported to big fans of the treatment and all have remarkably smooth, youthful skin. 

Not known for the faint hearted mainly because it requires blood being drawn and injected back into your skin, it is certainly not a fad and certainly for those serious about their skincare.
The most comforting fact is knowing that chemicals or synthetic substances aren't being injected into your skin, on the contrary, this technique relies on your own blood; packed with rich platelet cells, growth hormones and a number of proteins such as cytokines along with other bioactive factors which have healing components to repair damage in the body. What better way to improve your flaws, naturally?  

To put the science plainly, blood is drawn from your arm, spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the rich platelet. The rich platelet is then extracted and subdermal injections are made into the area of concern or used with microneedling for doubly whammy rejuvenation. Once the PRP enters the area in need of healing, it clots and begins to regenerate bringing with it all the benefits of anti-ageing - stimulating the growth of collagen and healthy skin cells.  When combined with microneedling, hundreds of micro sized injuries are made to the skin, the aim here is to kick start your skins healing process on the surface and at the same time the rich platelet is smothered over the area to sink deeper and cover more surface. 

Our verdict? If you're squeamish about what you've read so far, you'd be forgiven for not including this strange method in your skincare regime, but take it from us, it's not as painful as it looks and considering the benefits it will be worth biting the bullet for. Clients see a significant improvement in skin tone after just one session, for more complex concerns such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, acne scarring and hair loss you would benefit more from 3 or more consecutive sessions. If you do decide to have this treatment, our best advise is to be patient as some of the results can take a couple of sessions over a period of weeks, so don't be disheartened if you don't see the desired immediate results.