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Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy: A Deeper Look

Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy: A Deeper Look

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Living in London exposes us to toxins and pollution (spent time on the tube recently?), but our full-spectrum infrared sauna helps to remove impurities that build up from stress and city living. Unlike a traditional sauna, it’s more powerful due to increased depth of penetration, more comfortable to use as the skin and not the air is heated up, and has more benefits. Just 30 minutes in it and you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and with the energy you need to take on the day. Below, we take a look at how that happens.

The Basics: What Is Infrared Light?

Infrared light is a type of energy that exists all around us, but it’s invisible to the human eye. The most notable sources of infrared in our world are the sun and fire – and what do these have in common? We can feel the heat from these sources warming our skin.

"In fact, if we’re lying on a beach in Bali, or toasting marshmallows around a bonfire on a cold November evening, we might even feel our entire bodies warm up, as infrared can penetrate deep into our skin, muscles and even bones."

Dr. Harpal Bains

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So What Is Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy? And What’s The Difference Between A Normal Sauna And A Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna?

Infrared therapy is used in various medical fields to treat patients with acute or chronic pain. This use of infrared light encourages oxygen-rich blood circulation, which helps the body heal quicker, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

In a traditional sauna, there is no infrared light so the heat doesn’t get as deep into the body. Infrared penetrates much deeper into what we call the intra-cellular spaces (the space between the cells) and the fat cells, which is where heavy metals are stored. We frequently hear people comment that when they come out of the sauna their skin feels a bit slimy and dirty. This doesn’t sound great but it’s actually brilliant news because these are the toxins being expelled from the body! Normal sweat (the kind you’d experience with a traditional sauna) is almost entirely water, whereas with the infrared sauna, the sweat is 80-85% water and the rest is toxins which can contain fat, cholesterol, sulphuric acid, ammonia, and uric acid, which makes it slimy. We’ve got a shower in the clinic so you can hop in right after your infrared sauna session and remove the toxins straight away.

At Harpal Clinic we like to be – not only different but – the best at what we do, and so we use a top of the line, German engineered sauna which is not only a true full-spectrum infrared saunas, but also focuses on highly important details such as using pesticide free cedar wood and food-grade glue to ensure that you get the best possible experience. We have also upgraded this experience to include chromotherapy or colour therapy where you can choose to benefit from all spectrums available or only one at a time.

"And it’s the little extras, like the contemporary design, curved ergonomic back support, Spotify connection and more, that make using our sauna a truly pleasurable experience."

Dr. Harpal Bains

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The Science: How is infrared light absorbed and used by the body?

Infrared light is absorbed by the photoreceptors in your cells. The energy from the infrared light initiates a series of metabolic events, in particular, an increase in blood flow. As your blood circulates around your body, it delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to each cell and organ. It’s a little bit like the analogy of putting fuel in a sandwich van, which then delivers lunchtime sandwiches to each office in the area. Just as the office workers feel more energised after eating their lunches, your organs feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to work.

Hungry yet?

Is Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy Safe?

Infrared light sounds scary but it is in fact, very safe. In fact, it is used to keep newborn babies warm in neonatal care units in hospitals. Our saunas are tested safe for EMF and ELF – ‘electromagnetic force’ and ‘extremely low frequency’ radiation.

Which Conditions Benefit From Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy?

Infrared light can be used to treat a variety of issues – not just acute or chronic pain. It can:

  • Sports recovery by increasing delivery of oxygen-rich blood and whipping away metabolic waste products
  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and cellulite, skin texture and tone
  • Ease joint stiffness (clients with arthritis love it!)
  • Boosting your metabolism to help with weight loss
  • Improve your immune system to keep viral illnesses at bay
  • Improve sleep by boosting serotonin release

But you don’t have to have a health condition to take advantage of the infrared sauna. It’s ideal for those who travel frequently or live in high pollution areas. And those are just the physical benefits.

As little as one 30 minute session in the infrared sauna can reduce stress and fatigue, improving your mental wellbeing almost instantaneously. So if the stress is piling up and it hasn’t been your day, your month or even your year, book an appointment with us.

Find out more about full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy.

How Much Does Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy Cost?

Part of our ethos is that we are 100% transparent with our patients, right down to our pricing. You can find the cost of full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy on our Fees page.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

You can book an appointment at Harpal Clinic in one of three ways: Simply call us directly on 020 7096 5475; email us at help@harpalclinic.co.uk; or use our online book appointment form.

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