Speaking Engagements:

2019 - LDN Research Trust, USA (The role LDN plays in the body's hormonal symphony: how a well-conducted orchestra enhances the efficacy of LDN)

2019 - LDN Radio Show (New Clinic Offerings like HBOT, Cryo Chamber and Infra-red Sauna and LDN)

2018 - LDN Radio Show (Let’s talk about Hormones, Functional Medicine and LDN - our approach)

2018 - LDN Research Trust, UK (Managing Hashimotos: Are We Asking the Right Questions in Hypothyroidism?)

2018 - Goldman Sachs 10KSB in conjunction with Said Business School - Game Changing Medicine

2018 - Clinical+Cosmetic+Regenerative Expo - Vascular Occlusion Post Filler Complication: 3 Different Ways It Can Happen. 3 Case Studies and Their Management

2015 - Aesthetic Doctors Morbidity Forum, Lip Filler Complications - An Interesting Journey of One Person’s Quest for The Perfect Lips

2015 - Anti Ageing Health and Beauty Show, London - The Grouchy Man - how testosterone therapy can lift your mood, midriff and manliness

2015 - Anti Ageing Health and Beauty Show, London - The Sexy Siren - Is testosterone therapy the secret solution?

2015 - Anti Ageing Show (Are you intellectually very interested in the IDEA of sex (but would rather watch tv for now)?)

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