Testimonials from our medical clients

“Now after 3 months on testosterone therapy. Libido very good and healthy, laugh a lot more, engages with life a lot more, listens to music a lot more, body responds to going to gym, more stamina, able to swim a lot longer, recovery from gym a lot quicker. Now waiting for the downfall as feel that its too good to be true. Able to handle stress a lot better. Feels much warmer than before. Anxiety levels much reduced. More effective at work. Get up and go is there. We have got our relationship back.”
"Prior to the LDN, my energy levels were very very low to non existent, my mood was very low to depressed, I struggled to get 5-6 hours very poor quality sleep, and woke up feeling unrefreshed with high adrenaline levels. I felt like a zombie ,put on weight, was unable to think straight, had very bad brain fog, and was unable to do anything due to very low energy levels. The turnaround with LDN has been nothing short of miraculous, and a real game changer. After 4 months, the turnaround has been dramatic. I can sleep for 9 - 11 hours, of good quality sleep ( 8 out of 10 ), and things are improving at a faster rate. Energy levels are higher, brain fog has lifted, and most dramatic of all, my mood has improved 100%. I no longer feel depressed, despite being sub-optimal. I wake up happier, relaxed, and with a positive mindset, excited about the future. The key to LDN was definitely perseverance. Each stage caused initial upset, and then the reward phase followed. The big pay off being 4 months down the line. Definitely worth the wait."

"My consultant at Harpal clinic was very understanding and gave me the respect as a patient. I was diagnosed with HIV some 10 years ago and hospitalised recently with stage 4 PCP which was life threatening and I was in IC for 12 days and remained in hospital for over a month. Recently I became very tired, severe headaches, dizzy spells and suffered from low esteem. I then stumbled across your website and signed up for a 6 week protocol of vitamin shots and following this up with IV drips. I recently completed a 4000m incline run up mount Etna and felt so good after the event ( i used to compete as a long distance trail runner ). My mood swings have all gone, and the other issues have all gone. I wish I had found Harpal clinic sooner! I am really grateful to all the staff there for making me feel like a human being and treating me with kindness and compassion".


"I am hugely thankful to the Harpal clinic. I was feeling very fatigued, low energy, low libido and not sleeping well at all. Everyone I spoke to about it, including my GP, largely brushed it off as just something that happens as you get older. It took being offered an exciting, albeit high pressure, career opportunity to spur me into making the appointment at Harpal. I didn’t see how I could take the role on in my then-state. I started feeling better within weeks and since then I’ve felt continuos gradual improvement. Without this treatment I doubt I could perform at the level required by my role - and the bonus is having energy ‘left over’ to have a social life as well. Before the treatment, it was one or the other! I am so glad I made that appointment."

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