One gram/ 2 mL of Mg is administered in the muscle or intravenously as part ingredient of the Myers' Cocktail. It generally treats low levels of magnesium in the blood. Additionally, magnesium reduces lactic acid which causes post exercise pain. 

Other benefits include:

  • Assists in energy regeneration

  • Lowers blood pressure and increases levels of antioxidant enzymes

  • Inhibits platelet dependant thrombosis

  • Helps relax muscle

  • Eliminates spasms

+ Who carries out the consultation and procedure?

  • The consultation and procedure is carried out by our IV Clinician. When you arrive we'll carry out a consultation and if deemed suitable you'll receive the treatment straight away.
  • If you prefer a Doctor there is a surcharge of £75, please request upon booking.

+ Cost

This is based on 2ml of Magnesium (1g). This also includes a complementary consultation with our IV Clinician.

  • £35 for each 2ml of Magnesium
  • £195 for a course of 6 of Magnesium injections (save £15)
  • £20 for each extra B12/ B complex/ Magnesium given at the same time
  • Booking fee applies to new clients and practitioner consultations redeemable against treatment

*Nutrient blood testing facilities available. We will advice you during the consultation