The turnaround with LDN has been nothing short of miraculous, and a real game changer. After 4 months, the turnaround has been dramatic. I can sleep for 9 - 11 hours, of good quality sleep (8 out of 10), and things are improving at a faster rate. Energy levels are higher, brain fog has lifted, and most dramatic of all, my mood has improved 100%. I no longer feel depressed, despite being sub-optimal. I wake up happier, relaxed, and with a positive mindset, excited about the future.
The key to LDN was definitely perseverance. Each stage caused initial upset, and then the reward phase followed. The big pay off being 4 months down the line. Definitely worth the wait.
Without the help of Dr Bains and The Harpal Clinic, I would not have made this breakthrough.
— P.C

We are able to provide low dose naltrexone (LDN) as an adjunct to your current management by your doctors. Please assume a minimum of 3 months of being on LDN before you start to notice a difference if any, although in majority of people, this can be much sooner. A small number of people do not find that LDN makes much of a difference and there is no way of knowing if you will respond favourably to LDN.

Where possible we ask for:

  1. Your primary carer (GP or specialist) is aware and supportive of you being here (not compulsory)

  2. You have blood results within the past 3 months (not compulsory)

  3. You bring in other relevant investigations that you have done eg imaging reports etc (not compulsory)

Whilst this is not strictly necessary, we prefer to work with your main doctors as LDN is still in its infancy.
We personally prefer to be able to do a comprehensive assessment as most long term illnesses have many different causes for it, and our multi-disciplinary approach tackles things in a step wise fashion. However, we are aware that for many people, the costs involved can be prohibitive and so have designed a smaller, targeted consultation which will mostly deal with the problem to hand. 

We prefer to do face to face consultation but are also happy to do facetime, skype and phone consults if that suits you better.

Forms of LDN

This is currently available in various forms:

  • Syrup - good for when you initially start and are experimenting with different doses to find your dose. This is the most cost effective option. It tastes like cough syrup. Contents: organic glycerol, base of linctus, sugarfree, natural colours (wild berry extract and paprika), star anise extract for flavour, trace of lactose.
  • Sublingual - similar to syrup but preferable as it bypasses the gut absorption. This is our preferred option whilst you're figuring out your dose. Most people continue to stay on this. Contents: cellulose, trace of lactose, organic glycerol.
  • Cream - similar to the syrup but in a cream form which completely bypasses any gut absorption.
  • Capsules - this is useful once you know your ideal dose as it can be made to any dose. Vegan, chemical and lactose free.
  • Others - please discuss this with the doctor on the day of consultation.