Glutathione (GSH) participates in a wide range of biological processes and plays an important role in detoxification reactions, protecting the cells from harmful effects of unwanted chemical substances, such as free radicals. Our shot of glutathione consists of 600 mg/ 3 mL and can be increased if required. Following administration, glutathione can be excreted in an hour, however, with high cysteine concentrations in the cells, explaining the protective effect against unwanted foreign chemical substances.

Other glutathione benefits:

  • It is a very powerful detox agent and helps counter the toxic effects of many drugs, malnutrition, diseases chronic or acute.

  • It helps with cell growth, wound healing and immune function.

  • Eats up free radicals which are created during exposure to hot and cold environmental temperatures and UV light from the sun or toxicity. There are others factors such as exhaust fumes, pollutants for those in the City and for those who travel a lot by trains or planes where cabin fever can effect the air (re-circulated air).

+ Who carries out the consultation and procedure?

  • The consultation and procedure is carried out by our IV Physiologist. When you arrive we'll carry out a consultation and if deemed suitable you'll receive the treatment straight away.
  • If you prefer a Doctor there is a surcharge of £75, please request upon booking.

+ Cost

This is based on 3ml of Glutathione (600mg). This also includes a complementary consultation with our IV Clinician.

  • £75 Glutathione Push (600mg)
  • £85 Glutathione Push (600mg) + Vitamin C (1.5g)
  • £405 for a course of 6 of Glutathione (600mg) save £45
  • £465 for a course of 6 Glutathione (600mg) + Vitamin C (1.5g) save £45
  • Additional glutathione (additions of 600mg) at £30 each
  • Booking fee applies to new clients and practitioner consultations redeemable against treatment

*Nutrient blood testing facilities available. We will advice you during the consultation