Doctor-Led Hair + Skin Consultation

For those who have done the rounds of steroids, antibiotics and vitamin A products but are still struggling with skin issues; this detailed consultation will attempt to identify the root cause of the problem and use a holistic approach of managing the situation.

We differentiate ourselves from a dermatologists or GPs by our approach. We do not encourage steroids, antibiotics and retinol based products. Whilst there is a place for these treatments, we believe that there is another way to deal with it. This could be by addressing hormonal imbalances, nutritional regulation and other concurrent diseases or issues.

Dr Bains is a hormone specialist and also a functional medicine practitioner and prefers using these approaches to achieve long term results with the added benefit of increased health and vitality. We may occasionally require lab testing and this will be discussed during the consultation.


What does a consultation with our Doctors include?

  • up to 45 minutes consultation

  • Lab interpretation where relevant

  • Bespoke management plan to get the best outcome possible


  • Tests are not compulsory, should the doctor suggest a test, they are at an extra cost depending on what is required and lab charges

  • In our experience, for skin issues, causes are generally hormonal or gut issues. Testing for these where relevant, will be discussed in detail

  • If you feel you have other, more complicated factors such as hormonal imbalance, we suggest booking in for the detailed Comprehensive Medical Consultation.

Follow ups

  • This is generally done 3-4 months after the initial consultation to reassess management and adjust where necessary

  • Thereafter, we recommend a follow up on month 9 if you still need to. Many patients find that most issues would have resolved by this point


  • Skin + Hair Consultation (Initial - 70 mins) - £265

  • Skin + Hair Consultation (Follow-up - 30 mins) - £150

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