Non-surgical Face and Jawline Lift- before and after, 10 months on

I first did my half face non surgical radiofrequency lift trial at the end of May 2014. 3.5 months later, I was supposed to do the other side, but decided to do my whole face instead.


So now, almost 10 months later, I have worked once on my left side but have twice on the right side of my face. For all our patients, we tell them that results are best around the 3 month mark which is the best time to repeat treatment.


So what are the differences I find on both sides of my face:

  • Pores are significantly smaller on the right, visible with naked eye

  • Naso- labial fold (nose to mouth fold) is heavier on the left- again significant

  • My face is still more symmetrical than this time last year

  • Unexpected finding: dynamic wrinkles around my eyes is much, much milder around my right side

  • I have sun damage on my forehead- its less rough on the right

  • Skin is thicker on the temples on the right (more visible blood vessels on the left)

Its hard to capture in photographs as its much clearer in person. Subtle but definite difference.

Its hard to capture in photographs as its much clearer in person. Subtle but definite difference.


I now cannot wait to get my left side done. I’m done experimenting! It works- really, really well…. and the best part is that it is so natural and my skin simply looks healthy and radiant.

Ps- I have also done my mummy tummy and will do my decolletage as a preventive as results in this area is so good.

For people who have lost or intend to lose a lot of weight, doing this regularly will help with tightening of excess loose skin. I've done this on bellies, knees, underneath man-boobs post losing weight (works great), elbows and crepey armpit skin (again, works great)!


Grow Your Own Face

With so many new advances in clinical skin care, the ones that excite me the most are products that encourage your own body to work hard for great skin.

What is great skin?

  • Skin that is clear with little to no blemishes

  • Acne-free

  • Skin that has normal thickness

  • Skin with a slight translucent ‘glowing’ quality to it

  • Clear of uneven pigmentation

  • Line free in the young and line appropriate in older people

  • good texture with minimal enlarged pores

So how would you achieve this?

A good way to think of skin care is to consider how you would target all the different layers of skin.

  • For the top layer (epidermis), peels are brilliants, microdermabrasion is okay and home care exfoliants are good as a top-up. This gets a big tick in getting your body to work for it!

  • Then the middle layer (dermis) and deeper layers, this is where a lot of wear and tear occurs and can give long lasting results. This is also where most of my excitement lies as one key component of good quality, thick skin is plenty of collagen. Top notch quality skin care products can deliver this, albeit to a lesser degree compared to other modalities. Our skin care of choice at the clinic is Intraceuticals (excellent for plumping and hydration), Neostrata (acid based, powerful and hugely effective skincare which complements our other skincare), organic non-allergenic Pinks Boutique and we will shortly be introducing Skinceuticals.

  • 3 different modalities come to mind- the first is causing ‘controlled injury’ to the skin eg microneedling and radiofrequency. In microneedling, minute pin prick wounds are made in the skin which forces the skin to send all their healing soldiers to repair. This results in plumper skin with better texture, smaller pores and more even colour. In radiofrequency (RF), a form of energy is transmitted which then gets converted to heat energy to around 60-62C in the deeper layers (with our machine in any case). This causes collagen bundling which appears as immediate tightening visible straight away. The body then repairs itself over the course of 3-4 months. Results are excellent here. Then some clever people decided to combine the two- so there is RF microneedling which I consider to be the star treatment for facial rejuvenation with results constantly improving up to 9 months later. Our machine is the Secret RF.

  • The second is drinking the stuff eg collagen in medi-grade products like Aneva Derma (also brilliant for joint health) and Skinade- quality differs a lot for oral collagen supplements but these two products have good science behind them and evidence that they make a difference.

  • The third is a not-so-new concept in fillers, but surprisingly, one that has been slow to catch on- I suspect due to lack of patient education. The more well-known product here is Sculptra- which works great but is more cumbersome. The newer product, Ellanse, which works just as well, if not better, has both the qualities of a filler (immediate results visible) and the longevity of Sculptra- where desired. It has different products that have different longevity. The best part for me is that while the filler part of Ellanse decreases (just like with any filler), your own body’s response to it, ie the collagen stimulation of your own tissue, continues along. By the end of the year- for the 1 year product- you will have a plumper appearance which is completely natural looking, as its your own collagen. The comments that you’ll likely get is that you look ‘refreshed and rested’ as opposed to ‘who’s your doctor?’

So, very exciting developments in the industry and its great to know that its possible to look natural and more age-appropriate- which is a trend that we're seeing more and more of; and one that is my personal preference and what I would encourage anyone to aspire to.

Interesting facts and observations post 60 odd Non-surgical Facelifts


We had a rather robust response to our recent marketing effort for our wonderful medical machine for non-surgical face and jawline lift using radio frequency.

To date, we have probably done close to 60 procedures with more booked in for the next few weeks. It has been a fascinating time and if anything else, has made me even more observant  about the not-so-obvious or talked about signs of ageing.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Our youngest client was 26 and our oldest was 74
  • Majority of clients were between 35-50 years old (around 60%)
  • Men made up only around 8%
  • Results were the best in those with obvious loose skin and generally above 40 years old
  • Results were best around the eyes and fine lines on the face
  • There was consistently an obvious change in the shape of the face - I only started noticing this later on and upon looking back at clients I had already treated, I've noticed that there was a change consistent with tightening of the lower face and jowls.
Notice the vertical lines running from tragus to the jawline. 

Notice the vertical lines running from tragus to the jawline. 

Areas of ageing that I've never noticed before:

  • This one is fascinating: skin flopping over tragus of the ears when one lies down. I started noticing this when I started finding a tightening in the before and after side-profile pictures. I was getting 1-2mm obvious tightening here. 
  • Floppy, wrinkly ear lobes. Not something I ever thought about but most women wear earrings and it must bother some of them. So I'm thinking about an 'ear lift' and will be looking for volunteers soon with very floppy lobes to see if this will work well. If you are reading this and have or know someone who has wrinkly, floppy ear lobes and don't mind being a volunteer (in exchange for before/after pictures on our website-face won't be seen), please write in to with a picture of your ears when you lie down and sit up.
  • This was pointed out by a client: upper, inner arm- the bit that is visible from the front when wearing sleeveless clothes.

Other areas requested besides face and jawline:

  • Décolletage is a popular area with very good results
  • Knees post my saggy knee video which is now on the first page on youtube. 
  • tummy- either mummy tummy or post weight loss loose skin
  • Breast- especially below the nipple
  • I haven't done this yet but have been asked: the area below biceps in a guy who works out a lot. He says that the tightening would give more definition to the biceps. This is fascinating and I will see if I can provide before and after pictures.
  • This may freak some people out: labia majora. I have tons of experience in women's 'areas', having worked with Marie Stopes as a surgeon so this is something I understand and actually think that it would go a great way to increasing some women's confidence in how they feel they look 'down there'.

I'm not sure how some of you would perceive my observations. I'd like to understand that that's all it is. I'm simply relating and sharing my experience as I think its incredibly fascinating. 

So- does it really work?

The answer is a resounding YES! And I know this for a fact because my half face experiment is coming to an end (thankfully). For those of you who missed it, I wrote a blog piece around 2 months ago with an image of my lower face, one week after doing this same procedure on the right half of my face. I decide on the right side as its a little lower than the left as my face is not very symmetrical. Results were obvious to me in that picture but not to most people who aren't used to assessing faces. Today, people notice it as the asymmetry is very obvious. And I still have a few more weeks before my 3 months are up. 3 months because that's about the time required for the collagen regeneration to complete, hence maximum results. Watch out for that blog in a few weeks with pictures. In the meantime, have a great bank holiday weekend!

Saggy Knees 7 Days Later (Post Tightening)

We treated about 5cm above, and extending to 10cm below her knee bone. Note the change in skin texture.

Close up of Alison's knees showing some tightening and as an added benefit,  a more even texture and decreased blotchiness.

Close up of Alison's knees showing some tightening and as an added benefit,  a more even texture and decreased blotchiness.

Mid-calf to lower leg. No treatment was done here. Note the skin texture and uneven skin tone compared to the upper part of her calf.

Mid-calf to lower leg. No treatment was done here. Note the skin texture and uneven skin tone compared to the upper part of her calf.

The tightening was immediate on Alison's knees on the day we did it as in the video. There was also an immediate difference in texture and blotchiness. This has been maintained after 7 days.

Alison says: " I feel that its tighter, I love the colour and texture. They don't feel as wrinkly. They definitely feel a bit firmer. I notice the colour more than anything." 

Do leave a comment or your thoughts on this.

Saggy, Wrinkly Knees- a Secret solution that Works!

I hope you've enjoyed the video above. It was very hard to capture the sagginess and crepeyness that Alison was concerned about due to picture quality but I suspect most people who have this problem know exactly what I'm talking about. Its the start of the dreaded "hooding" even on very slim people. A summary of the video/procedure is as written below:

Technology- we used our "SECRET RF" machine. This is a radiofrequency machine, similar to Pelleve and Thermage in technology. The RF waves gets converted to heat waves deep within the skin to cause contraction and regeneration of the collagen bundles. New collagen is also formed over the course of many months upto 6 months. The contraction causes immediate tightening and the new collagen results in increased plumpness of the skin.

Results- we can usually see an immediate result but it will keep improving over the course of 3-6 months. Personally, Alison's knees looked different to the rest of her legs (at least 10 years younger). On my face, there was an immediate lift which has increased (I'm on week 3 of my half face challenge).

Pain- One client slept during treatment. Seriously. Its warm and comfortable. Very relaxing.

How often do I need it- I'd say for most people, repeat the second treatment at 3-4 months to get cumulative effect of the collagen regeneration. Then yearly. Some people are happy with one per year. Even if you never do it again, the effect lasts so its never 'wasted'.

Where else does it work- Face, neck, saggy jawline, décolletage, elbows, saggy bum, mummy tummy, loose skin after sudden weight loss. If you're on a massive weight loss mission, this will really help in ensuring that you decrease the chance of an overhang of excess skin which is not able to contract.

Some surprises- I knew about the tightening but what really excites me is that it seems to do so much more. I've seen evening of skin tone and pigmentation, decreased redness (rosacea), decreased blotchiness of the skin. I will post photographs of Alison's legs and knees. The difference is very obvious (we are now 5 days post treatment). Alison is our aesthetician so come in and ask her nicely- I'm sure she'll love showing them off to you.

Latest experiment- I now wonder if keratosis pilaris or chicken skin can be improved. If not the bumps, maybe just the redness on the upper arm. So we had a volunteer today to do half an arm. We took before pictures and did half her upper arm. I'm curious about the results and will have an idea tomorrow. Watch this space!

My Half Face Trial of RadioFrequency- Day 8

In a previous post, I wrote about my initial half face attempt at seeing what RF (radiofrequency- we use the Secret RF) actually does. In summary, I was pretty impressed with increase in plumpness and an obvious lift. Its supposed to get better with time so I'm going to wait this one out before I do the other side (unless I start looking really ridiculous).

8 Days later, I've taken a picture to show you the difference. If you look at the picture at my naso-labial lines (nose to mouth line), the left side extends all the way to the corner of the mouth. The right side stops short. Alison, our aesthetician even thinks that my jawline looks sharper, but I can't really tell. By the way, I have no make up (foundation) and remnants of lipstick on.

For a 10 min trial, I'm pretty impressed and now I really want to get the other side done. But I'll wait....

The Half Face Test

One of my favourite things to do is to perform the 'half face/body test' for products or procedures. It's incredible what it can tell you. It's so easy to forget what one's face looks like prior to a procedure. I've applied it to Intraceuticals (which led me to buying the machine-more on this on my soon-to-come blog), Neostrata acid-based skin care, Healgel, prescription hormone creams (not so useful on me as I'm not the right age group), microneedling and the latest was radio frequency tightening.
I'm only a few days into the tightening and in all fairness, only did a 10 minute session on half my face. Results have been rather interesting. Its all well and good seeing before and afters but there's nothing like actually seeing things for yourself. Immediately after treatment, we noticed an immediate plumpness with softening of the naso-labial lines and more importantly, a lift around the cheek and eyebrows. I have an asymmetrical face (as do most people) and decided to test it on the 'lower' side. My face looks a bit more symmetrical now. The skin looked a little red initially which gave way to radiance after a while. The next day, most of the immediate lift seemed to settle but skin felt good. This morning, I've noticed a significant improvement in 'bounce'. Though significant, I'm sure I would not have noticed it had I not done the half test. Overall.... I'm pretty impressed, I'm not doing the other side yet so watch this space....
ps- results take a fairly long time to develop and will keep improving over the course of 6-9 months. By 3 months, you'd be able to see a difference. The energy stimulates collagen synthesis, which keeps repairing and rebuilding over time. Please see the website for more information. Oh yes, it was very pleasant; no pain, just a nice warm probe going over the skin.