We have been selected as finalists for the Aesthetics Awards 2014!

Great news today.....we just received news that we have been selected as finalists for the 2014 Aesthetics Awards for the category of The Oxygenetix Award for Best Clinic London!

This a very big deal for us and we are so, so happy to be selected. We do strive to do our best and hope that our continued attention to detail in service, products and procedures plus excellent client care will contribute to the possibility of us winning this prestigious industry award.

Here's to keeping our fingers crossed : )


Benefits Fair at Trayport

Ellie and Harpal striking a pose!

Ellie and Harpal striking a pose!

We were invited to participate in Trayport's benefit fair this Thursday. Trayport is an industry leader in providing trading solutions that support the growth of energy trading markets worldwide. They have recently been in the news a lot due to their recent acquisition by CME group, which is one of the  largest options and futures exchanges in the world.

Trayport is known to be one of the best employers in the country and ranks very highly for their employee satisfaction. We are very honoured to have been invited to participate and to help their employees optimise their health and wellbeing. All Trayport employees will benefit from a corporate discount.

Highlights during the show include our complete aesthetic management plan (payable by direct debit and optimised to best suit every individual), on the day offers and lifestyle+hormonal management for modern day stresses including work-related entertaining, commuting, daily chronic stress, age related changes, non-responsive exercise/diet routines, amongst other things. 

There was significant interest and we hope that we can offer similar benefits for other corporations. If you work in a large organisation and wish to speak to us regarding what we can do for your company, do call in and we will be more than happy to tell you what we can do for you.

Our intraceuticals Hollywood Facial machine that we used for demos. In the background are some of the other exhibitors, all located in the City of London.

Our intraceuticals Hollywood Facial machine that we used for demos. In the background are some of the other exhibitors, all located in the City of London.

FACE conference highlights relevant to YOU

Dr Bains with the Merz pharmaceutical team, producers of Belotero filler and BoCouture toxin.

Dr Bains with the Merz pharmaceutical team, producers of Belotero filler and BoCouture toxin.

FACE is the premier Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition, known by most medical practitioners to be the best and the go-to conference of the year. It is extremely interesting with an exciting panel of international speakers, workshops and the latest in medical aesthetic technology spread out over 3 full days in a beautiful location in Westminster.

I thought I'd share with you what I found particularly interesting and what the highlights of the event for me was.

Technologies still going strong: 

Microneedling is still very strong with newer devices on the market. One of the latest technology here is for digital microneedling. There were also a few different 'tweaks' with needling PENS being the mainstay and rollers going out the door. Personally, I much prefer the pen devices as they are not as dependent on users as the rollers are. They also produce less trauma and in my opinion, better results and downtime. I have a particular pen device in mind to purchase for the clinic which unfortunately will only be available on the market later in summer.

Plasma rich platelet (PRP), some may know this as the Dracula or Vampire facelift, is still going strong with advancement in technology, with one company able to convert the plasma into a gel like filler material which can then be used as filler for the face, hands and even breast. This is very exciting with decent long term results (to date). I will be watching this with interest in the hope of introducing it at some point. For now, in a few months, I will be getting my PRP kit and will be able to offer it so watch this space. For those who are not familiar with this, it is when your blood is withdrawn, spun to separate it, the plasma that's rich in platelets and growth factors are then injected back into your skin. Its for long term rejuvenation.

Lasers- not much new here, it may be one of those technologies that has reached its pinnacle although I'm certain that there will be other applications over the years. I'm still not keen on them as my radiofrequency machine does very similar things (for rejuvenation) with less downtime, gorgeous results and at a better value.

Fillers and botox- a few new products on the market. I'm particularly interested in Bocouture and belotero and will be introducing it at the clinic in due course; once I'm trained in their protocol. Anyone interested in being a model, do get in touch.  The science is very advanced and has many advantages over current fillers on the market including less inflammatory. I will write a separate blog post on this in due course. Its all exciting!

Fat Freezing machines and LED light therapy- These are still very 'in the moment' and have a lot of evidence to back them. I haven't had time to do my due diligence in it so can't comment much but its very much within my sight perhaps next year.

What's new:

Neostrata has introduced a Collagen drink. Yes that's right- true anti ageing from the inside. This is actually not too good to be true as the basis of the drink, which is bovine collagen (collagen from cows), has been used for more than 10 years for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. It was given to prevent bone to bone painful grinding that happens in arthritis, as it helps build up the collagen in joints. Patients found that the fine lines on their skin and the skin elasticity improved. Neostrata advice it as an adjunct to other management as I can certainly see interest in this with a cost of around £3.50/day. I tasted it and its OK. Much better mixed in with a cool/cold drink or smoothie where you can't taste it. We already stock Neostrata products and peel, so this will be available.

Thermavein (spider vein removal) has come up with their very own polarised lenses to use with the machine, meaning that the zapping of veins is even more precise than before as veins not normally visible with the naked eye can now be visualised. I can see this revolutionising rosacea management. I'm on their waiting list and can't wait to get the lenses.

This is just a short summary of what's always an exciting event. Do comment or ask if anything catches your eye.


A Collaboration with Approved Doctors

Dr Harpal Bains and  Mo Tabraze of Approved Doctors

Dr Harpal Bains and Mo Tabraze of Approved Doctors

Mo Tabraze, founder and MD of Approved Doctors, visited harpal clinic on Friday to discuss the finer details of what could be an extremely exciting project and the way medicine could potentially be practised in the future. 

The idea behind it arose out of his experience of hearing about the frustrations of others and himself, about the insecurity of having to shell out a lot of money on private practitioners, just to find that you are not on the same page as them. This site gives you the opportunity to get to know the practitioner, even before you speak to them. For a very reasonable fee, you can then get a sense if the practitioner is the right one for you and take it from there. A lot less scary I'd say.

NHS is wonderful for so many things but a company like this gives the control back to people, and also allows you the ease of online consults which means no more holiday horrors!

I will be offering my medical and aesthetic services here, the cost of which will be refunded on full consultation (pre-consult, hour long consult, post follow up/management plan) or for aesthetic services, on booking of relevant treatment options. 

My medical consults will be regarding bioidentical hormone replacement therapy including oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, pregnenolone, Growth hormone and HCG. Lifestyle management include nutritional assessment and food intolerance medicine, non-specific symptoms including tiredness syndromes and general 'down' regarding life, those symptoms where you know you are the bane of your GP's life but you know deep down that something is not quite right. Its like a puzzle to me and I welcome the opportunity to help you figure out how to optimise your life and lead a full and productive one healthwise.

Approved Doctors is still very new and I am thrilled to be on board.