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Best Cryotherapy In London – Why Whole Body Cryotherapy At Harpal Clinic Is Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Best Cryotherapy In London – Why Whole Body Cryotherapy At Harpal Labs Is Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

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We’re not shy – we know our stuff and we’re not afraid of shouting about what makes us different. One thing we’re particularly proud of is that here at Harpal Clinic we have the best cryotherapy chamber in London.

Whether you’ve already tried it or not, visit our health optimisation clinic in St Paul’s for a session in our state-of-the-art CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamber – the first of its kind in London.

Cryotherapy is a great recovery tool for athletes and fitness fanatics. It triggers the release of endorphins, increases production of collagen and accelerates the metabolic rate which shortens the body’s recovery process, speeding up recovery between workouts, after events or post-injury. The increased endorphins also help reduce inflammation and can lessen pain. But the benefits don’t end there – by exposing the body to extreme temperatures, the skin signals the brain to send more blood to the centre of the body. As the blood rushes through to your core, it is enriched with more oxygen and nutrients, and toxins are eliminated.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are five other reasons why you should visit us for your cryotherapy needs.

It’s Super Cool

We love a good pun – but we’re not joking when it comes to the power of our cryotherapy chamber. It can be programmed to temperatures between -80°c and -130°c – that’s considerably colder than most other units.

You’ll also find that your skin temperature is significantly lower than it would be in other chambers, and the cold air will be more evenly distributed.

"You only need to spend two to three minutes in our cryotherapy chamber to feel the physical and mental health benefits: Quicker recovery from injury, increased fat burning, greater anti-inflammatory response, and greater stress reduction."

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In The Words Of Tina Turner: It’s Simply The Best, Better Than All The Rest

Our cryotherapy chamber has been tested against other units, including cryosaunas and electrical walk-in units, and it has been found to be much more efficient. CryoAction has been used by Team GB Olympians, who improved their performance during the Olympics with optimised REM sleep patterns and alleviation from injury. Against incredible odds in what was described as one of the greatest sporting stories of all time, Leicester City were confirmed as champions of the 2015–16 Premier League season, this is also the year they started using a CryoAction Chamber installed at their training facility. CryoAction is considered the gold standard for cryotherapy by top-level British football teams, with nearly all having one installed at their training facility.

Safety Is A Priority

The cooling system used in our chamber is totally indirect, meaning that although liquid nitrogen is used to cool the air, the actual cooling takes place outside the chamber. Therefore, there is no chance of being exposed to harmful nitrogen gasses – the chamber is filled with the same air you would breathe outside, just much colder. This makes our system super safe and there is no risk of burning the skin. The hands and feet are also covered with gloves and booties for protection from the cold.

Head To Toe

Other types of cryotherapy only cool the body from the shoulders down. But there are more cold receptors above the shoulders than anywhere else on the body. So, a cryotherapy chamber which also exposes your head, like ours, achieves much better results.

Once you’ve experienced whole body cryotherapy, you won’t want to go back! Your entire body is exposed to the cold temperatures, including your head and neck. This is essential for stimulating the body’s entire nervous system and releasing norepinephrine, a naturally occurring chemical, into the bloodstream and the brain. It is most widely acknowledged for its considerable effect on pain, metabolism and inflammation, but it can also lead to increased focus, vigilance, attention, and improved mood.

Your Treatment, Your Tunes

At Harpal Clinic, you can enjoy the privacy of your own chamber, complete with your own music. Simply connect your Bluetooth enabled device to the stereo system and pump out your tunes while you enjoy your cryotherapy session. Why not burn a few more calories while you’re listening by busting out your best dance moves? You can even belt out a power ballad if you’re in the mood. We won’t judge.

Find out more about our cryotherapy treatments here.

How Much Does Cryotherapy Cost?

We offer discounted prices for multiple sessions, and group bookings.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

For the best cryotherapy in London, simply call us directly on 020 7096 5475; email us at help@harpalclinic.co.uk; or use our online book appointment form.

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