Wax in the City

Everything you wanted to know about intimate waxing but were too squeamish to ask


It's no secret that that we have hair in other places, not just on our head. And although the consensus is split on how sexy or unsexy hair down below is, there is one thing for sure; like every well maintained bush, making little tweaks is the only way to keep it tamed.

Take it from us, we understand how intimidating and often embarrassing stripping down to your birthday suit can be, furthermore how confusing the different types of waxes can be. Recently, we've had a lot of first-time clients calling to make a booking sounding rather nervous and confused, so here we'll diminish those qualms with a Q&A with our resident therapist Viola.

Q: How can I prepare myself before a wax?

A quick shower is all it takes, lets face it girls, it can get a little humid (and smelly) down there at the best of times especially when you're running around the city. If you have an appointment at lunch or after work, it's a good idea to use a baby wipe or even a little tissue dampened with water. Remember to wipe front and back! If you're waxing other parts of your body and have time to spare the night before, why not exfoliate, it will help reduce ingrown hairs.

Q: Can I book an appointment whilst on my period?

Not a good idea, ladies. You'll be super sensitive during your monthly cycle, especially in the nether regions, so Viola recommends that you hold tight until your period is finished.

Q: How long should I wait in between waxes?

Hair growth differs from person to person due to hormonal factors, but you should usually only need to wax your bikini area once every three weeks. For best results, you should wait until the hair is at least 2mm in length.

Q: What if I shave in between waxes?

Shaving is classed as a crime in Viola's treatment room, so don't do it! Resist the urge for that quick fix, not only will shaving only last you a day or two of smoothness, you'll risk irritation and ingrown hairs. Viola can always, ALWAYS tell when people have razored in between waxes because the roots usually bleed. Ouch!

Q: What is the difference between a Brazilian and Hollywood wax?

We don't want to overload you with descriptive explanations of the different types of intimate waxes, so heres an image to settle the confusion once and for all.

Q: Any aftercare tips?

The list goes on when it comes to aftercare, but here are Viola's top tips:

  • Avoid exercising, swimming, saunas and sun exposure after a wax, it causes excess sweat and friction leading to irritation

  • Avoid sex immediately after the treatment, you may be slightly red and inflamed, so its best to let it settle for one night

  • Keep the area clean and dry. Wash with intimate hygiene products  which do not contain alcohol or scents

  • HEALGEL is the Holy Grail at Harpal Clinic. Developed by leading British plastic surgeons, it will soothe, repair and protect. It can be applied topically anywhere on the body and is highly recommended by Viola as an aftercare product

  • It's normal to feel irritation for up to three days after waxing, any longer, theres something wrong!

Q: Any advice for wax virgins?

  • If you're thinking of coming to Harpal Clinic, it's likely that you either live or work in the City of London, so we already know a bikini wax won't phase you! Intimate waxes can take between 20-40 minutes so easily scheduled during lunch or after work

  • We won't lie, it will hurt, especially the first few times, but don't let that put you off, in time you'll only feel a little sting!

  • The pro's far outweigh the con's when it come to waxing, as long as you stick to it and make it a regular habit

  • If you're nervous, don't be! Rest assured that you are in good hands, Viola has years of experience and the most amazing ability to make you forget all of life's worries

  • You will have to take off your undies, don't be intimated, Viola is a professional, she's seen it all

  • What to wear? Advisable to wear loose clothing, dress or trousers are fine, remember you may be slightly sore after the treatment. A spare pair of undies might be useful.

Hello Boys...

And finally, gentlemen, may we have your attention. We don't cater for mens intimate waxing but we can definitely help you with every inch of hair on your back, chest, arms and legs! The same rules apply in terms of preparation and aftercare.