My love for HealGel Eye

After reading some very positive reviews online and hearing some great feedback from our clients, I'd been eagerly waiting to finish off my current eye cream so I could try HealGel Eye. My main concern is premature ageing around the eye area. I notice one or two fine lines creeping up on me and a shadow under my eye that just wasn't there six months ago...

Here's what I love about it:

The first thing I was impressed with is how matte it looks on the skin, it's lightweight, applies smoothly and leaves no nasty residue behind.

Whilst I don't suffer from much puffiness, there is an instant cooling effect on my skin.

The inner corner of my eye is definitely a shade or too lighter after six weeks of use and I have found myself using less concealer.

I like the way you can see how much of the product you have left as the bag containing the product rises up. In fact, the packaging in general is very nice, it's simplistic but colourful.

The price, it's affordable, doesn't break the bank, meaning I can buy yet another (much needed...) lipstick.

So far, so good, thanks HealGel, a very welcome addition to my skincare regime!