Intraceuticals -The Celebrity Facial- And Why It Works

I used to be very sceptical about skincare and always thought that one facial was mostly similar to another- baring the therapist's skills- until it was time to set my own practice up. I was the quintessential BOGOF girl!

During the course of my due diligence, and now my experience, I found out a few things:

  • Ingredients are extremely important in skincare. It makes a big difference when the right ingredients are used.
  • Delivery systems ie how the ingredients in a product reaches where it needs to go- is almost more important. You could pay a lot for a good ingredient but if it doesn't reach its target area, what's the point?
  • Research: some companies value research a lot and its worth the money paying for their expertise
  • Marketing: Sadly enough, this is one area that actually puts me off. Its so expensive to market in magazines etc that I'm certain that a heavily marketed products have no choice but to put a huge mark up on their prices. To me, this reads as " for a £100 serum, £50 is marketing, then research, packaging, profit margin etc". So I tend to look for smaller companies with excellent products but too small to afford paid celebrity endorsements.
  • The right product works. If people say nothing works, its because they haven't found the right product. Or they have hormonal/nutritional issues- which is another blog topic that I will address soon.
  • The right product should nurture and nourish as well. Some rather well known medical cosmeceuticals are well known for 'attacking'. So initially, they come across as having great results, but after a while, the skin can't handle the continuous assault.

I stumbled upon Intraceuticals while researching the best system for my clinic. There are very few facial systems I would consider 'medi-grade' and this was one of them. The good thing about trying things out is firstly- I get good skin : ). secondly- one can really compare and contrast.

Sonia of Intraceuticals did me a huge favour when I first met her for a demo. She was a little flustered, and had an A-lister waiting and so had to cut my session short by doing only one side... I was not impressed, to say the least. The treatment was nice enough, as I would have expected and there certainly were results- once again to be expected. I'd pretty much written it off at that point.

Then I started seeing results. Its easy to forget how your face is once you've had a treatment- we all assume its great! But having it on only one side really makes you examine the face. My skin plumped up after the treatment; then continued plumping for 2 whole days before it settled. On my skin, best results were achieved after 2 days. In others, its a day. The results then stayed on and on. I was convinced that it was all in my head and so I did what anyone would do- ask the other school mums to guess which side was done. I didn't tell them what I did, just that I fiddled with one side of my face. They all guessed correctly. This was on day 9. I kid you not.

At this point, I knew that I had to go back to see this system again. Thankfully, Sonia was in a much better place -I actually had my whole face done- and was given some take home products. I've never looked back.

What I like it best for is that it was the only product that 'normalised' my skin. What I mean by that is that I would wake up in the morning and not think about my skin- no tightness, dryness, excess oiliness. It just was. I stopped using foundation as my skin didn't need it anymore. Most people who have been on it say the same. When combined with other skin care that 'attack', results are wonderful.

Its a hyaluronic acid based system that has 3 different sized molecules that penetrate different depths of the skin. That's superficial to deep plumping to the layperson- one reason why the results last so long. It also has boosters of Vitamin A, C, anti-oxidants and collagen, which can be added for extra oomph! The treatment uses an oxygen delivery system to literally push the ingredients deep into the skin. Each vial of product is packaged in amber bottles (for sun protection) and sealed individually. So you get fresh products every time. There is a lot of thought put into it, which I appreciate because it makes our job easier- my only gripe being that the bottles are not see through so its hard to tell when its finishing.

Their products have one step more than others- how I like to explain it is that you feed the skin (serum), you give it a drink (hydration gel), you then seal it all in (moisture binding cream). I'm usually very lazy about skincare but its so ingrained in me now that I can't not do it. 

So all well and good for the likes of me- I get to use the machine anytime I want, right?.... In all honesty, there is hardly any time for facials and I'm lucky if I'm able to squeeze 1 in every 2 months. But I use the take home products religiously- and that makes all the difference in the world!