Should We Mess with Nature and "Manage" Ageing?

chicken don't mess with nature.jpg

This is a question I asked myself time and again and now that I'm practising "age management", I get asked this all the time.

Shouldn’t we just embrace ageing? What’s wrong with wrinkles, slowing down, midriff fat, saggy skin etc- everyone goes through it so why shouldn’t we?

My answer to that are more questions:

  • If your hearing goes off- its nature, why bother with hearing aids?
  • If you eyesight goes- why bother with glasses?
  • If you have a blocked artery, why bother with a bypass?
  • Age-related cancers- its the circle of life keeping everything in check isn't it?
  • If you’re hypothyroid, should you supplement with thyroid hormones?
  • if you’re menopausal or andropausal, should you bother?


My point is that we already mess with nature. In the things we eat everyday, to cleaning products to medicine. Just look closely enough and you’ll see it everywhere. Why should we allow age related diminishment in hormones in our body-hormones that make us feel like we’re 20 again- affect our quality of life? Doesn’t it simply make sense to replace something that’s missing?

Of course there's also the rather delicate point of asking a 20 year old if he'd like to manage his health span and live to be 90, then putting the same question to an 85 year old. Perspective makes all the difference. The young person could very well say that the older generation needs to make way for the younger generation but when the boot is on the other foot, the answer can be anything.

Perhaps you choose to compare yourself to someone living in say, the Amazon, not exposed much to civilisation but doing very well physically- after all he’s not taking a whole bunch of supplements and he’s fitter than most. Not a good comparison I say. His diet is not ‘industrialised’ (more on diet in another blog post) meaning less harmful substances that lead to modern day illnesses and disease. He also has a very active lifestyle, good familial and community support, less stress and lots of rest. Of course its not all roses for him and I certainly choose my way of living despite the shortfalls. Especially now that I have the tools to make informed choices and decisions.

So should we mess with shortfalls in nature? There is no right or wrong answer to that but I know what I choose and what I want for my family. I’ll leave that to you to ponder.....