Viral You Tube Video "How the Sun Sees You" on the Effect the Sun has on one's Skin

Just thought I'd share an interesting video I came across in one of our medical aesthetic journals "Aesthetics". It has over 13 million views, an amazing soundtrack but most importantly, is very interesting in what it shows ie. the changes that occurs with sun exposure.

I also liked:

  • that he (the cameraman) decided to show what a baby's skin looked like as well, in contrast to adults.
  • what sunscreen looks like in that light
  • the people's reactions to seeing themselves

Some questions I get asked a lot:

  • I want to tan and so prefer not to wear a high SPF- this is not true. If it were, Asia would be a hotbed for sunscreens as lighter skin is preferred there. Sunblock (as opposed to sun screen) however, may block some of the tanning capacity of the skin.
  • SPF 30 is sufficient. Why do I need more?- this is true but considering that the average person usually puts too little on and tend not to replenish often enough, a higher SPF would provide better protection. If however, you are really on the ball about sunscreen application, then SPF 30 is sufficient.
  • High SPF is very thick and looks awful on- mostly true in the past and many products today still have this problem. This is one of the areas where you get what you pay for. Newer formulations are simply wonderful and most can never tell that it has a higher SPF. We stock Heliocare which is what I use personally. I like them because of the protection offered, consistency and the range they have, including their latest product range for 'more damaged/mature' skin type which offers close to SPF 90 (written as 50+) and cover not only UVA and UVB but also invisible and infra red spectrums. There's also internal protection in the form of capsules for those who burn very fast. Our bestsellers are the tinted ones and the 'shimmer'.
  • What about Vitamin D?- this is an area I have concerns about, especially when it comes to little children. Whilst protection is required, I don't think we should be over zealous about applying it as it can hinder vitamin D formation in the skin. What I personally tend to do is to protect my face but less so on my body. Also, I tend to protect more during the hours when the rays are the strongest and ease off when its not. I believe a balance is required as there is simply not enough research done in this area.

Here's the link for the video

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