Interesting facts and observations post 60 odd Non-surgical Facelifts


We had a rather robust response to our recent marketing effort for our wonderful medical machine for non-surgical face and jawline lift using radio frequency.

To date, we have probably done close to 60 procedures with more booked in for the next few weeks. It has been a fascinating time and if anything else, has made me even more observant  about the not-so-obvious or talked about signs of ageing.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Our youngest client was 26 and our oldest was 74
  • Majority of clients were between 35-50 years old (around 60%)
  • Men made up only around 8%
  • Results were the best in those with obvious loose skin and generally above 40 years old
  • Results were best around the eyes and fine lines on the face
  • There was consistently an obvious change in the shape of the face - I only started noticing this later on and upon looking back at clients I had already treated, I've noticed that there was a change consistent with tightening of the lower face and jowls.
Notice the vertical lines running from tragus to the jawline. 

Notice the vertical lines running from tragus to the jawline. 

Areas of ageing that I've never noticed before:

  • This one is fascinating: skin flopping over tragus of the ears when one lies down. I started noticing this when I started finding a tightening in the before and after side-profile pictures. I was getting 1-2mm obvious tightening here. 
  • Floppy, wrinkly ear lobes. Not something I ever thought about but most women wear earrings and it must bother some of them. So I'm thinking about an 'ear lift' and will be looking for volunteers soon with very floppy lobes to see if this will work well. If you are reading this and have or know someone who has wrinkly, floppy ear lobes and don't mind being a volunteer (in exchange for before/after pictures on our website-face won't be seen), please write in to with a picture of your ears when you lie down and sit up.
  • This was pointed out by a client: upper, inner arm- the bit that is visible from the front when wearing sleeveless clothes.

Other areas requested besides face and jawline:

  • Décolletage is a popular area with very good results
  • Knees post my saggy knee video which is now on the first page on youtube. 
  • tummy- either mummy tummy or post weight loss loose skin
  • Breast- especially below the nipple
  • I haven't done this yet but have been asked: the area below biceps in a guy who works out a lot. He says that the tightening would give more definition to the biceps. This is fascinating and I will see if I can provide before and after pictures.
  • This may freak some people out: labia majora. I have tons of experience in women's 'areas', having worked with Marie Stopes as a surgeon so this is something I understand and actually think that it would go a great way to increasing some women's confidence in how they feel they look 'down there'.

I'm not sure how some of you would perceive my observations. I'd like to understand that that's all it is. I'm simply relating and sharing my experience as I think its incredibly fascinating. 

So- does it really work?

The answer is a resounding YES! And I know this for a fact because my half face experiment is coming to an end (thankfully). For those of you who missed it, I wrote a blog piece around 2 months ago with an image of my lower face, one week after doing this same procedure on the right half of my face. I decide on the right side as its a little lower than the left as my face is not very symmetrical. Results were obvious to me in that picture but not to most people who aren't used to assessing faces. Today, people notice it as the asymmetry is very obvious. And I still have a few more weeks before my 3 months are up. 3 months because that's about the time required for the collagen regeneration to complete, hence maximum results. Watch out for that blog in a few weeks with pictures. In the meantime, have a great bank holiday weekend!