Non-Surgical Face Lift: Before and After 1 treatment

After one session while still on the couch

We recently ran a marketing effort for our non-surgical face and jawline lift using radiofrequency technology with our Secret RF machine.

The past week has been very interesting as results differ with different people. Best results were achieved with people with obvious sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Least results were noted in people who already had good skin with none or very few fine lines. However, for people who already have good skin, this is a very encouraging and easy way to keep their skin in top-notch condition over the years.

Main findings after a treatment session are:

  • tightening of skin around eyes 
  • a 'lift' of the corners of eyebrows
  • a softening of deeper lines
  • a softening of nose-to-mouth lines (nasolabial folds)
  • an improvement of texture of skin
  • increase in 'bounce' of skin
  • improvement in tone of skin (less blotchiness and redness)

Some of the results have surprised us and the picture in this post is the best result we achieved this week. Note the difference in her frown lines, lift in corner of her eyes and most amazingly, the lines around her eyes. There is also an obvious softening of her nose to mouth fold. This was taken straight after the procedure. The face is still a little red at this point which settled over the next 5-10 mins.

We were absolutely stunned by the difference and very excited to see what she will look like in the coming months. The immediate results may settle a little but suffice to say, the collagen will be working its magic over the next 3-4 months. 

This is the before picture. 

Before the non surgical facelift.

Before the non surgical facelift.

We also did her décolletage as she was concerned about the sun damage and vertical lines on her chest. We managed to achieve in one treatment:

  • Softening of her vertical lines
  • note the softening of the horizontal line around her neck
  • More even skin tone
  • More youthful looking décolletage skin overall 
Before tightening

Before tightening

After tightening   

After tightening


These photographs have not been retouched at all. We would like to thank our lovely client for giving us the permission to share her amazing photographs.