My Half Face Trial of RadioFrequency- Day 8

In a previous post, I wrote about my initial half face attempt at seeing what RF (radiofrequency- we use the Secret RF) actually does. In summary, I was pretty impressed with increase in plumpness and an obvious lift. Its supposed to get better with time so I'm going to wait this one out before I do the other side (unless I start looking really ridiculous).

8 Days later, I've taken a picture to show you the difference. If you look at the picture at my naso-labial lines (nose to mouth line), the left side extends all the way to the corner of the mouth. The right side stops short. Alison, our aesthetician even thinks that my jawline looks sharper, but I can't really tell. By the way, I have no make up (foundation) and remnants of lipstick on.

For a 10 min trial, I'm pretty impressed and now I really want to get the other side done. But I'll wait....