Saggy, Wrinkly Knees- a Secret solution that Works!

I hope you've enjoyed the video above. It was very hard to capture the sagginess and crepeyness that Alison was concerned about due to picture quality but I suspect most people who have this problem know exactly what I'm talking about. Its the start of the dreaded "hooding" even on very slim people. A summary of the video/procedure is as written below:

Technology- we used our "SECRET RF" machine. This is a radiofrequency machine, similar to Pelleve and Thermage in technology. The RF waves gets converted to heat waves deep within the skin to cause contraction and regeneration of the collagen bundles. New collagen is also formed over the course of many months upto 6 months. The contraction causes immediate tightening and the new collagen results in increased plumpness of the skin.

Results- we can usually see an immediate result but it will keep improving over the course of 3-6 months. Personally, Alison's knees looked different to the rest of her legs (at least 10 years younger). On my face, there was an immediate lift which has increased (I'm on week 3 of my half face challenge).

Pain- One client slept during treatment. Seriously. Its warm and comfortable. Very relaxing.

How often do I need it- I'd say for most people, repeat the second treatment at 3-4 months to get cumulative effect of the collagen regeneration. Then yearly. Some people are happy with one per year. Even if you never do it again, the effect lasts so its never 'wasted'.

Where else does it work- Face, neck, saggy jawline, décolletage, elbows, saggy bum, mummy tummy, loose skin after sudden weight loss. If you're on a massive weight loss mission, this will really help in ensuring that you decrease the chance of an overhang of excess skin which is not able to contract.

Some surprises- I knew about the tightening but what really excites me is that it seems to do so much more. I've seen evening of skin tone and pigmentation, decreased redness (rosacea), decreased blotchiness of the skin. I will post photographs of Alison's legs and knees. The difference is very obvious (we are now 5 days post treatment). Alison is our aesthetician so come in and ask her nicely- I'm sure she'll love showing them off to you.

Latest experiment- I now wonder if keratosis pilaris or chicken skin can be improved. If not the bumps, maybe just the redness on the upper arm. So we had a volunteer today to do half an arm. We took before pictures and did half her upper arm. I'm curious about the results and will have an idea tomorrow. Watch this space!