The Half Face Test

One of my favourite things to do is to perform the 'half face/body test' for products or procedures. It's incredible what it can tell you. It's so easy to forget what one's face looks like prior to a procedure. I've applied it to Intraceuticals (which led me to buying the machine-more on this on my soon-to-come blog), Neostrata acid-based skin care, Healgel, prescription hormone creams (not so useful on me as I'm not the right age group), microneedling and the latest was radio frequency tightening.
I'm only a few days into the tightening and in all fairness, only did a 10 minute session on half my face. Results have been rather interesting. Its all well and good seeing before and afters but there's nothing like actually seeing things for yourself. Immediately after treatment, we noticed an immediate plumpness with softening of the naso-labial lines and more importantly, a lift around the cheek and eyebrows. I have an asymmetrical face (as do most people) and decided to test it on the 'lower' side. My face looks a bit more symmetrical now. The skin looked a little red initially which gave way to radiance after a while. The next day, most of the immediate lift seemed to settle but skin felt good. This morning, I've noticed a significant improvement in 'bounce'. Though significant, I'm sure I would not have noticed it had I not done the half test. Overall.... I'm pretty impressed, I'm not doing the other side yet so watch this space....
ps- results take a fairly long time to develop and will keep improving over the course of 6-9 months. By 3 months, you'd be able to see a difference. The energy stimulates collagen synthesis, which keeps repairing and rebuilding over time. Please see the website for more information. Oh yes, it was very pleasant; no pain, just a nice warm probe going over the skin.