Under Eye Circles and Bags

Under eye problems are some of the hardest to treat with no one single 'fix it all' solution. The reason for this is because the cause differs in different people and you'll find that usually, the best course of action is a combination of different treatment modules to treat different issues at the same time. There is also quite a bit of confusion regarding 'bags' and 'circles' and quite a lot of self mis-diagnoses. Just to add to all the confusion, many people have more than one 'under-eye' problem going on at the same time, complicating the situation even more.

Some common under eye problems:

  • dark circles due to pigmentation
  • dark circles due to hollowness of the under eye area- genetic or loss of fat
  • dark circles due to thinness of skin under the eye
  • dark immediately under followed by "puffiness" future down
  • eye bags-either fluid or fat
  • crepey, wrinkly skin


I'm personally trying a few things myself so here are some thoughts:

  • under eye filler or tear trough filler, especially Teosyal Redensity 2; this has light reflective properties so it can help with circles. However, if there is no hollowness, it may not be the right option. This needs to be assessed as not everyone is suitable for this procedure.
  • the right under eye cream which can diminish pigments.
  • the right sun care to prevent new pigmentation forming. Even in winter.
  • skin thickening products/treatments if the problem is due to very thin skin. Increase in skin thickness means that structures underneath (eg blood vessels) will be less obvious, hence less darkness.
  • filling the area beneath the problem area, hence decreasing the shadowing. This is a bit more complicated and occasionally a 2 step process.
  • for some, especially if its fatty deposits, surgery is the only option. I do believe that one can buy a few years before resorting to surgery with the right filler material and technique.
  • bagginess due to fluid is quite hard to treat as its almost always due to intolerances, most commonly to food. You'll probably find that there is fluid retention elsewhere. Do read my links for 'lifestyle management' to get a better idea of what it entails and also the nutrition links in my blog pages.

On the whole, quite a few things can be done but it may be a slightly prolonged process and may require more effort than other areas of the face. The rewards however, can really be worth it!