Our approach to excessive alcohol consumption, whether or not one considers it a dependency, is not the "all or nothing" approach adapted by many organisations. This includes daily drinkers or binge drinkers. We believe that whilst that approach may help some, it is frequently unrealistic for the vast majority, as evidenced by the high failure rate.

We use medications such as Naltrexone, Nalmefene and Baclofen amongst others, which reduces cravings and so enables the person to derive the same pleasure from drinking much less e.g. 2 pints instead of 10 pints. This approach does a few things:

  • it buys time until someone has the mental and physical resources to do more

  • for some, this works long term and is a good compromise

  • financially, it is much less crippling ( less than a cappuccino a day! )

  • it eases the burden on the family or carer

  • its emotionally more acceptable, with no real 'failure' element

  • it enables one to bring some control back where the option of complete abstinence is not feasible or desirable

  • it enables the continuation of life as you know it, without needing to take time off work; including social life

  • you won’t suffer classic withdrawal symptoms. Due to the slower and more sustainable cutting down of the addictive substance, plus a bespoke programme of replenishing lost nutrients and regenerating the liver, most people find the process moving forward much easier to handle and find that they are much healthier

We mainly see patients with alcohol dependency but are happy to see patients addicted to other substances e.g. drugs, porn, gambling, food etc. as these medications are used for all addictions or dependencies. This is because it works on the brain - by decreasing the sensation of pleasure; and is not specific to the substance that creates the addiction.

What does a consultation our Doctors include?

  • up to 70 minutes consultation
  • Lab interpretation where relevant
  • Bespoke management plan to get the best outcome possible
  • Option to convert to a more comprehensive consult if necessary


  • We require a liver function test. This can be done in-house and costs around £45 + £35 for a blood draw. We are happy to accept a test taken by your practitioner within the last 2 months.
  • Other tests are not compulsory. Should the doctor suggest a test, they are at an extra cost depending on what is required. This will be explained to you on the day.
  • If you feel that you have other, more complicated factors such as hormonal imbalance, we suggest booking in for the much more detailed Comprehensive Consultation.

Follow ups

  • This is generally done every 3-4 months in the first year after the initial consultation to reassess management and adjust where necessary.
  • Thereafter, we recommend 6 monthly follow ups until you are happy with your progress. At that point, we are happy to see you annually if necessary.


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