What is pedicure plus?

This is an upgrade on the usual pedicure. We do not compete with nail bars or chiropodists but are an in-between option.

You would come to us if you:

  • have a lot of dead skin and calluses
  • have dull and lifeless skin on your feet
  • want long term results and do not want to overstrip the skin
  • want pretty feet with long lasting colour

Mediheel changes the traditional way of doing pedicures by adding procedures and products that will guarantee desirable results. We (and our feet) agree!

Our experienced therapist will follow a 6-step procedure leaving your feet well conditioned with lasting results and for those of you that would like to, you have the choice to add some colour to your nails with Jessica Geleration.

The range consists of 6 unique products, including a callus remover, a neutraliser to ensure the ph of the skin stays balanced, an alpha hydroxy exfoliation with gentle wax beads, a spa additive with an anti fungal and anti bacterial agent, a non-slip foot cream and a rejuvenating gold spritz to dust you off.

  • The sequence starts with an effective callus removal using a alkaline tonic - no blade or traditional file in sight to ensure that only the dead skin cells are removed from the feet.
  •  Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used to exfoliate - this will leave you with a beautiful skin tone.
  • A gentle anti-bacterial and anti-fungal soak will get rid of any bacteria causing odour. Did you know that foot odour is caused by bacteria? 
  •  A non-slip heel balm will be applied - it will perfect the look of your feet, giving you a glow.
  • A rejuvenating gold spritz will give a beautiful gold dust finish to your pedicure. This product has a fine fragrance and is not limited to feet.

Cost of treatment

Pedicure without polish

45 minutes £35

Pedicure plus nail paint (Jessica Geleration)

60 minutes / £50

Removal of old gel - £5 (when previously done by us), £10 (when previously done elsewhere)